Tasha Returns to Feed You

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By: northgate

You are relieves when Tasha returns with a few items that she puts down on her bed and then comes over to release you from the cage. She carries you to the bed and sits with her legs folds and puts you down into her lap. She opens a little sandwich bag with some bits of food. "Let's see what you like to eat, little guy", She takes out and hands you a little piece of cheese which you munch on. "My little mouse likes cheese", she giggles, "no surprise there".

Next she hands you a tiny piece of sliced turkey that you eat. "Oh the little man likes meat. That's good. It will make you big and strong, well hopefully not to much bigger", she says. You are annoyed by all of her stupid comments but at least she is feeding you. Next she gives you a piece of a Ritz cracker and says, "Polly want a cracker."

OK that's enough for you and you look up at her and say, "Look I'm a human like you and I eat whatever people eat. I'm not some exotic animal. So how about you start treating me like a person."

She grabs you up and gives you a hug between her breasts smothering you against her t-shirt effectively shutting you up. "Oh my little man thinks he's a big person but he's not. He's little and cute and all mine. I need to protect you from he big mean world like those nasty girls that had you at the restaurant. She gets up and drops you back to the bed. She takes a small bottle and fills it from a regular water bottle that she brought in with her. She takes the small bottle and clips it to the bars inside the cage.

You take this opportunity and start running for the edge of the bed but she sees you and you are no match as she comes back over and grabs you up in her hand. "Where do you think you're going, tiny", she asks without waiting for an answer, "I told you that you need me to protect you. My mom and sister live in the house with me and they might think you are a mouse and kill you. Now here you go", she says and puts you back in the cage and closes the door.

She sticks her finger in a strokes you gently. She turns and you watch her as she strips down with her back to you and changes into pajamas. The sight of her tight little ass gives you a hard on that you try to hide when she returns. She extends her finger back in and strokes your member. "I see my little man likes Tasha. That's good."

She removes her finger and blows you a good night kiss. "I have to get some sleep. I have the morning shift but I'll be home after lunch and we can play some more. She takes a silk cloth and drapes it over your cage blocking your view of her sleeping. You check out that water bottle and it is te kind they use for feeding small animals like mice. You try it and are able to get a drink from it successfully to both your relief and anger. By making you drink from a mouse's bottle she is further dehumanizing you and making you her little pet.

You curled up at the bottom of the cage on a piece of one of Tasha's old cotton t-shirts and you fall into a deep sleep from all the trauma you've been through. When you wake, you see the sun in the window realize you have been sleeping for hours and Tasha must have already left for work hours ago. The silk is still over the cage so you can't see what has changed since last night. You get a drink of water and wait for Tasha's return. However you don't have to wait too long when the door opens and someone enters. They move around the room silently for a while before approaching the cage and removing the silk cover. You look at between the bars and see...

Your choices:

  1. Tasha has returned
  2. it's Tasha's mother peering in at you.

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