The waitress comes out and finds you

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By: lowlandslow

It's only a couple of minutes before the waitress strolls over to pick up the cash.

When she sees you in the glass she grins the biggest smile you've ever seen in your life. "Oh, my Gawd" she whispers to herself as she tips you out onto her palm. She briefly examines and caresses you and then slips you into the pouch on the front of her waitressing skirt. You feel her movements and the warmth of her body as she carries on with the rest of her shift, occasionally slipping a finger or two down into the pouch to check you're still there.

Eventually the sounds of the restaurant disappear around you and you realize she must be on her way home.

Finally you hear a door slam, before her fingers reach into the pouch and lifts you out. You find yourself sitting in the waitresses' palm in a small but brightly-decorated girls' bedroom with a pink fluffy double bed. She lifts you up to her face and gives you a kiss then lies back on her bed examining and toying with you whilst talking to you as one might to a kitten or a baby.

"Does my little man like that?" she asks as she strokes you, "You're so cute, oh yes you are. Cute and tiny and helpless. But it's ok. Tasha's going to look after you from now on. You're going to be the luckiest little man alive. Can you say Tasha?"

Though humiliated by being treated like this, you nonetheless repeat her name back to her.

She laughs and gives you another kiss. "You're so clever. That's the cutest thing ever."

After a few more minutes fussing she places you on the bedside table, up-turns a glass on top of you to hold you in place and rushes out the room. A few moments later she returns carrying a small birdcage and you watch with trepidation as she hangs it up just next to her bed.

Sure enough moments later she removes the glass, picks you up and, still caressing you, walks toward the cage.

You protest and she strokes you to soothe and comfort you. "Its alright, little man. It's your new home now. You'll like it eventually. She puts you in the cage and closes the door. She then sticks a little finger through and caresses you for a few moments before crossing the room to change.

You watch in awe as she strips from her waitress uniform down to a bra and underwear. You stare at her shapely toned body. She notices and walks over to you giggling. "Does my little man like that? That's so awesome." She caresses you then playfully pulls some modelling poses as you stare at her in increasingly awe and excitement.

Then finally she slips into jeans and a t-shirt, gives you a little wave and heads out of the room.

Your choices:

  1. Tasha returns with food and water.
  2. Tasha returns with someone she wants to show you off to.

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