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By: northgate

You tell Katherine "No way". You are tired of being treated like a toy and at this point you think you'd take anything over this.

Katherine is clearly annoyed that you won't play along. "I was going to play a nice game with you but since you want to be an ass about it then I can treat you like one. She picks you up and drops out onto the shag carpet. Suddenly her bare foot stomps down next to you. "I call this game Stomp and that's what's going to happen to you if you don't run.

You don't have to hear that a second time and you start running in a random direction as you hear her laugh from above you. The shag carpet makes running impossible and you keep falling in the fibers. The sofa would be a great hiding place but she is between you and it so you make for a cabinet that you see across the room that you could hide under and you think would be difficult for her to move.

You don't get very far when two feet come crashing down on each side of you. "You're not very good at this" you hear her say but you just keep going. "At least I have to give you credit for trying." She drops to her hands and knees so her face is directly over you and you can feel her breath. "Pretty bad performance. I'd rate it a D-. If I wanted to you I could have been flatten for sure. She uses her finger to knock you on your back and ping you down to the carpet. "Tell you what tiny. If you submit to me right now and pledge your tiny life to your giantess princess, I'll go easy on you otherwise playtime will continue and you might get hurt next time."

You decide to

Your choices:

  1. submit to your new princess
  2. resist her. You have to get free

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