The Redhead Retrieves You

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By: northgate

Lindsey's redheaded friend doubles back and pulls you from the glass and drops you into her awaiting purse which she snaps shut leaving you in darkness. She replaces the you with a cash tip and quickly hurries home. After a short trip, you arrive at her apartment. She opens her purse and tells you to crawl out which you do and find yourself on a massive coffee table, at least massive at your size.

"Hi there. I'm Katherine", she tells you and you are mesmerized by her deep beautiful green eyes. "I had to rescue you. I couldn't let them give you to that goofy waitress."

"Thank you Katherine", you tell her, "I appreciate you helping me out."

"Not so fast", she tells you, "I believe that a good relationship any kind of relationship is built on honesty so I'm going to ask you about yourself and you better be honest if you don't want to end up in the toy store. And when I am done I will tell you about me and you can ask me questions. OK?"

"OK", you reply, "I have no problem being honest with you." thinking this should be easy.

"Let's start", she tells you, "You told Lindsey that you were shrunk by a genie. really? How did you shrink or were you always like this?"

"No", you tell her, "I found a lamp with a genie who granted me three wishes. My first wish was for a palace with power and a harem which I was granted. But my second wish was to shrink to enjoy the view of a giant harem which as you can see didn't work out well. My final wish should have restored me but it got screwed up and I only grew a little bit and was transported to Lindsey's apartment. I have no idea why it was her apartment."

She looks at you thinking for a moment. "You had a beautiful harem and you decide to shrink? Why?", she asks.

"Well I always had this thing for giant women and when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn't resist.", you tell her.

"Well I can understand that", she says, "because I have a secret too. I have always loved the idea of growing to be a giantess or shrinking my boyfriends and playing with them. It looks like fate has brought us together. Now that I have my little fantasy man we can play for a long long time."

"No you don't understand", you try to explain, "I don't want to be small anymore. I am done with this fantasy forever."

"That too bad.", she tells you, "because I'm just getting started. Now are you going to be my little man or not?"

Your choices:

  1. Agree to play along with her fantasy. You understand.
  2. Tell her, "No way. I want out of here."

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