Lunch with Lindsey's girlfriends

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By: northgate

Lindsey looks at you and says, "So where should I drop you off?" You think and are unable to come up with an answer and she finally runs out of patience and says, "Fine, you can come to lunch with me and my friends. Maybe one of them will know what to do with you." She sticks you in her purse and snaps it shut and you are left there while she gets ready and goes to her lunch date.

When she gets to lunch you hear she is meeting two friends and they are are in an outdoor cafe in town. They talk for a while and even order and are served before she thinks to take you out. "Hey girls", you hear Lindsey say, "I have a little problem I need your advice with." She takes you out and dumps you into the center of the small round table they are sitting around. The table is cluttered with dishes and glasses all bigger than you and their faces crowd in to look at you. The one girl is a brunette, cute girl but a little chunky and you notice she has a big rock on her wedding finger. The other girl is a tall fair skinned redhead with striking green eyes. Her hair cascades down in big open curls past her shoulders.

Lindsey tells the story of how she found you and the story of the genie that you told her about and they all laugh at that part of the story. Of course she leaves out her little games with you. She ends the story by telling them that she wants to get rid of you but doesn't know what to do.

The brunette is full of ideas immediately. "Why don't you just flush him down the toilet like a dead goldfish?", she asks. "I don't want to be a murderer", Lindsey replies.

The brunette continues, "How about the police or the hospital?" "I don't want to get wrapped up in some investigation. I need to just be rid of him.", Lindsey answers

You watch the brunette as she continues to think wondering what can possibly come out of her mouth next when the redhead scoops you up into her palm. "He is so little and helpless. You almost feel sorry for him", she says as she strokes you gently. Lindsey puts her hand out and the redhead hands you over to her. She drops you in her salad bowl and says "There are some scrapes for you. Eat up tiny. You don't know where your next meal may come from."

You take her advise and you hear the brunette say, "Just take him to the mall and leave him there. Someone will find him. Maybe leave him in the toy store or the pet store and some little kid will find him. If he gets lucky maybe he can live with Barbie", she laughs with an annoying laugh that you immediately take a dislike to.

"How about the Victoria's Secrets?", you ask from the salad bowl, "That's a good store"

"Shut up runt", Lindsey tells you, "I like the toy store idea. I'll put him on the shelf with the dolls so some bratty little girl will find him. That would be good."

Just then the waitress comes by and seeing everyone is done eating starts to clear the dishes. The waitress starts to pick up the bowl you are in when Lindsey sees her and says, "What a minute. I left something in there." The waitress puts the bowl down and Lindsey lifts you out and sets you on the table. "Can't let our little friend end up in the dishwasher, can we", she says.

The waitress is amazed and bends down to get a closer look at you. She's young maybe 19 or 20 and has that cute girl next door look. She is amazed by you. "Oh my Gawd", she exclaims, "He is the cutest thing ever. Where did you get him? I want to get a little guy just like him. He is so cute. Does he talk?"

You look up at her and say, "Hello my name is Joe. How are you" and you take a deep bow.

She keeps chattering on about you until Lindsey says, "Sorry but he is one of a kind."

The waitress keeps going on as she finishes clearing the dishes and leaves. "She is such a ditz did you hear her going on about him. It was ridiculous:", Lindsey says to her friends with disgust, "That must be the must annoying girl I have ever met"

The brunette smiles and says, "I got an idea. Let's leave the little guy with the waitress as our tip. She sure seems to go gaga over him."

Lindsey lets out a giggle and says "Great idea". They empty out a water glass and drops you in along with the check and their cash into the empty glass. "Perfect, he won't wander off and she'll be sure to find him." They get up to leave but the redhead tells them that she needs to use the bathroom and will see them later. They depart leaving you trapped in the glass.

Your choices:

  1. The redhead doubles back to get you and leave a cash tip in your place
  2. The waitress comes out and finds you

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