Your Plan for Escape is Foiled

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By: northgate

You quickly approach the bathroom door to slide under but you realize you don't fit. You hear Lindsey moving behind you and you frantically try to squeeze through but it doesn't work. You pull yourself up to quickly find a hiding place and you turn to see Lindsey standing out of the tub and dripping wet wrapping a towel around herself.

You run all out for the crack in the wall back at the other end of the bathroom but her wet barefoot swings out and kicks you back. You slam into the tile wall and crumble to the ground. She stands over you triumphant. "So nice of you to come right to me. I appreciate that." She carries you over to the tub and says, "I think you need a bath after all that running around. I hope you are a good swimmer" and she drops you into the soapy water below. "Enjoy", she laughs as she leaves to get dressed.

The water is just deeper than you and you need to tread water to keep from drowning. Fortunately you are a good swimmer and this isn't an issue. You survey the sides of the tub but they are too high and slippery for you to reach. Lindsey comes back in after a while and she is dressed. She blow dries her hair and puts on a little make-up and leaves again.

The water is getting pretty cold by the time she returns again and fishes you out of the tub. She dries you off and takes you back to the kitchen with her and puts you on the table. "So I need to go out and I just don't know what to do with you. I don't like you so I don't really want to keep you here. Tell you what. I'll give you a choice. I can ....."

Your choices:

  1. drop you off somewhere on my way
  2. take you to lunch to meet my girlfriends

Retrieved September 13, 2016