Joe Climb Through the Hole in the Wall

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By: northgate

You climb through the hole in the wall and it's a tight fit. It opens up a few inches in and you can see a light ahead. You head for it but the hole is even tighter that the other side but you are desperate to get out and away from this dark space as quick as possible. You push your arms through and use them to pull the rest of your body through. You head emerges and you see this is a bathroom although you are unsure if this is Lindsey's or the next apartment. You observe this is a long room with the toilet right where you came out. Next to it and on the opposite side is a tub / shower and down further across from the door is a vanity with a sink. There is a window above the toilet but there is no way you can get to it. You emerge from the hall and look around wishing you could find some way to get some water to drink. Unfortunately everything to out of your reach. You walk along side the toilet and there is some condensation on the side but you aren't that desperate yet.

Suddenly, there is a noise and you scamper to hide behind the toilet. Someone walks into the bathroom and sits down on the toilet you are hiding behind. You look and and see bare feet and panties and realize it is Lindsey sitting above you. You just keep hoping she will leave so you can get back to your planning but you watch as she closes the door and returns to turn on the tub to take a bath. "damn it", you think as you watch her strip down and realize how hot looking she is. Too bad she wants to torture and kill you. You wait and she gets in the tub and sits down to soak.

You hear her say, " I need to relax. That little shit isn't going anywhere anyway." She sits back and lathers up and you assess the situation. You've got to get out of there. You could go back through the hole but it would be a squeeze and you'd be in plain sight if she turned in that direction. You decide making a break for the door and squeezing under it is the best approach. You decide to walk right along the tub to get past her. You'll be right next to her but she won't see you unless she look directly over the side. You quietly make your approach and you get by without a problem. Now you're at the vanity and the door is across from you. To approach it you'll be in plain sight of her if she happens to look up in that direction. Lindsey seems occupied in the tub and you go for it moving along the far wall to avoid being to much in the open.

You get to the door and ...

Your choices:

  1. you can't fit under it to escape.
  2. you slide under it and escape back into her bedroom.

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