Joe Hides in her Sneaker

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By: northgate

You figure you don't have too many options so you climb into the old smelly sneaker squeezing your way up toward the toe section to avoid being seen. You know she is directly overhead scanning under the bed for you and by some stroke of luck she doesn't check the sneakers. You head a loud noise and it gets dark as you can tell she pushed the bed back against the wall.

"I know you are still here somewhere", she roars as she figures you escaped from under the bed and she missed you.

You know that there is only so much time before she thinks about the sneakers and comes back to check them. The problem is that you don't want to run out from under the bed and be exposed again. You climb out of her sneaker and look around along the wall trying to come up with a plan. You discover a small hole just big enough for you to squeeze through. You don't like the idea of climb through a dark hole in the wall but it still may be better than being tortured by Lindsey.

Just as you are about to climb in the hole, you hear Lindsey say, "Come on out, little guy. I'm willing to be a good sport about this. You win our little game of hide and seek. Now if you come out now I promise I won't step on you."


Your choices:

  1. don't beleive her and climb in the hole
  2. believe she won't hurt you and go to her.

Retrieved September 13, 2016