Lindsey Retreives You From The Fridge

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By: northgate

You think you are going to die from hypothermia when the door suddenly opens and the light comes on temporarily blinding you. Lindsey reaches in and gets the tumbler with you in it and removes the lid. "So glad to see you are still with us", she tells you as she walks over to the sink. She turns the tumbler sideways and you slide out to the hard metal sink and you scramble to avoid the drain even though there is a strainer that would keep you from falling down there. She turns on the water and you are hit with fairly hot water which sends you scampering away. "Just trying to warm you up.", she tells you, "Don't you want to warm up." She moves the spigot back and forth trying to hit you with the water as you run in the sink trying to avoid it.

She finally spots the game and shuts the water off. "You aren't much fun, shorty", she says, "I'll tell you one thing though. You wouldn't ever get a chance to run on me again. I got you a little present." She lift you out onto the counter top and shows you a key chain with a thick metal heart on the end and a spring loaded clasp on the other end. She knocks you over and pins you down with her one hand while she uses her other hand to attach the clasp to your ankle. "There ... perfect", she says removing her hand and admiring her work. "Now you won't be going anywhere too fast."

You try to slide the clasp off your ankle but it is too tight and you can't budge the spring loaded opener. You look at the heart and it is engraved with "You Belong To Me". You try to lift the heart and it must weight 25 pounds to you and will certainly slow you down.

Lindsey smiles at your unsuccessful efforts to foil her plan. "Isn't that charm just perfect?", she giggles, "I got it from an old boyfriend. I never had a good use for it until now." She picks up the key chain like it weighs nothing and holds it between her fingers leaving you dangling by your ankle. "I never had much use for this thing till now. Kinda of like you, totally worthless.", she says as she lowers you back down to the counter.

"I'm not useless", you tell her, "I'm a person just like you"

"Just like me?", she laughs, "I don't think so. I can walk out that door and get in my car and go where ever I want. You can't even get off that counter. But at your size you are totally worthless."

"That just not true", you yell at her, "I must be worth something."

"Hmmm, maybe your right", she says after thinking a moment, "Maybe you are worth something. After all you are one of a kind. I bet I could sell you for a pretty price to someone out there. You may be worth something to me after all." Lindsey picks you up and carries you back into the living room and drops you into a shoe box while she goes off to her laptop to do some research. The lid is off the box but with the chain and heart on your ankle you aren't going anywhere.

Lindsey comes back at the end of the day and you are hungry and thirsty but she isn't interested in your problems as she tells you...

Your choices:

  1. "Great news. I found potential buyers for you."
  2. "Look like selling you may be harder than I thought"

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