Run for the Foot of the Bed

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By: northgate

Lindsey is pulling the bed away from the wall to catch you so in a last act of desperation you run toward the foot of the bed hoping to escape from that side while she is scanning the area usually under the bed. Luck is not on your side and a shadow falls over you followed by fingers grabbing at you. Lindsey spotted you running and made her move to quickly capture you.

She carries you into the kitchen and get a tall clear tumbler down from the cabinet and drops you inside trapping you. "You've been very bad and now I need to punish you." She picks up a pair of kitchen scissors and waves them over the tumbler. "Maybe I should cut one of those legs off you. That would slow you down.", she says threateningly.

She moves the tumbler over to the table. She gets some fruit from the fridge and sits down at the table and looks down at you with disdain. "I could boil you in a pot or microwave you or freeze you or drop you in the blender. I have so many ideas but I don't want to kill you.... yet."

She fills the tumbler with water until it is over your head and you need to swim to stay above the water. The problem is that you are still too far to reach the lip of the tumbler. Then she get a lid that snaps on and she turns the tumbler sideways and rolls it back and forth across the table sending you floundering in the water. When she's done, she punches some holes in the lid so you get some air and puts the container with you in it on a shelf in her refrigerator. She closes the door and leaves you in the cold darkness.

Your choices:

  1. Lindsey Returns

Retrieved September 13, 2016