Joe Hides Under the Bed

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By: northgate

Lindsey is furious that you spoiled her fun and games and starts yelling for you to come back out from under the bed. You look around for an escape route but the bed is pushed in a corner so you only have the side you came in from and the foot of the bed. Going either way would expose you to Lindsey which is the last thing you want to do. You look around your surroundings and all that is under the bed are a few pairs of flop flops and sandals and a pair of beat up Converse sneakers.

"OK, that's it", you hear Lindsey yell, "You'll be sorry when I catch you, you little runt." Everything starts to move as you see she is pulling the bed away from the wall.

You have to move fast and you decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. Run for the foot of the bed and hope you aren't seen
  2. Hide inside a sneaker

Retrieved September 13, 2016