Fun and Games with Lindsey

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By: northgate

Lindsey looks him over and says, "I think I'll take you to the bedroom for some fun and games". She carries Joe who is helpless to escape in her fist to her bedroom and drops him into a tall glass vase trapping him. "That should keep you for running off", she says satisfied and she goes into her bathroom.

Joe is tuck standing in the vase. The diameter is so small he can even lift his arms. He thinks, "How did I get myself into this mess. I'm stuck here with this crazy bitch and there is no way to get back to the genie or back to my normal size. At least I'm in my home town like that is going to do me any good".

Just then his thoughts are interrupted by Lindsey who has come back out of the bathroom wearing some sexy lingerie. She picks up the vase and looks in at Joe. "So do you want to stay there for the night or come out to play with me?"

Now Lindsey is a crazy bitch but she is a really good looking crazy bitch and this outfit makes her even more seductive. Joe decides anything is better than being stuck in the vase so he shakes his head and yells, "Yes, I'll play."

Lindsey smiles down at his stuck helplessly and asks "So what do you want to play?" with a sweet smile.

Joe starts to think his luck is changing. "How about we go over bed and see what happens.", he asks hoping he'll get happy with this sexy giantess.

"I have a better idea", she tells him and she tilts the vase on an angle and Joe comes sliding out tumbling on to the deep carpeted floor. She puts the vase down and stands immediately in front of him. "You think I'm pretty sexy, huh? We'll I'm going to use my sexy feet to step on you", she laughs, "Fee Fi Fo Fum, I see a little man that I'm going to crush that better run" and with that she stomps down her bare foot in front of Joe knocking him over.

Joe doesn't need a second warning and starts running as fast as he can through the carpet trying to get to the door to the hall.

Linsdey laughs at his pathetic attempts and keeps stomping down and barely missing him.

Joe knows it is hopeless as he runs from this giantess so he ....

Your choices:

  1. dives for cover under her bed.
  2. stops running and turns to face her (or at least her foot)

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