Joe Recognizes Her and Runs

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By: northgate

Joe looks up at this girl and realizes that she was his ex-girlfriend's best friend, Lindsey. She was a real bitch and hated him and now he could be at her mercy. He thinks what are the odds as he turn to run away from her as fast as possible.

Unfortunately there is no cover and she pounces to him like a cat with a new found mouse. She is on all fours on the floor and over him in no time. She plucks him from the ground between her fingers and turns to a sitting position depositing him in her palm. "What do me have here", she asks examining him.

Joe tries to hide from her but it is no use and she recognizes him. "Well if it isn't creepy Joe", she laughs poking him with her fingertip. "I thought I saw the last of you when Debbie broke up with you. So why are you in my apartment spying on me?"

Joe tries to explain telling her that he was shrunk by a genie in a bottle and she transported him here without him knowing where he was going and she glares back at him. "That is the stupidest excuse I ever heard. You couldn't do better than that?", she asks without waiting for a reply, "I'll tell you what I think. I think you got some shrink ray or shrink formula and used it to spy on me. I always thought you thought I was hot and were checking me out when you were going out with Debbie."

"No that's not true", Joe pleads but Lindsey interrupts him, "Oh, so you don't think I'm hot".

"Joe tries to continue but Lindsey squeezes him shutting him up and stand up. She looks at him and says, "I think I'm going to ..."

Your choices:

  1. take you to the bedroom for some fun and games
  2. call Debbie to come over and see you.

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