Ariel Punishes you and Get off at the Same Time

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By: northgate

Ariel takes you back to the bed and sits down still holding you. "Now I need to punish you", she tells you, "But there is no reason I can't enjoy it at the same time." You wonder what she is talking about but starts to lower you back down to her hungry pussy and you see she has been fingering herself in anticipation of having you inside her again. "This time there is no need for foreplay.", she says as she slams you headfirst into her wet pussy.

You're glad that she prepared herself for you as you slide in with minimal resistance although you are immediately soaked in her juices. She slowly slides you out and back in over and over while slowly increasing the speed until she is going full speed without concern for your safety.She hold you by the ankles going in and out and in and out as fast as she can until she orgasms and you think her muscles are going to break you. She finally stops leaving you in all the way when you feel her finger nail scrap lightly against the sole of your foot. You are ticklish and you can't resist this treatment causing you to shake inside her. She loves the feeling of power over you and keeps it up switching between feet and sometimes doing both feet at the same time.

You are ready to pass out when she finally stops and pulls you out dangling in front of her face upside down by the ankles. "You are the best toy ever", she tells you, "Even better than my vibrator. I need to find a way to keep you as mine forever." You don't like the sound of this but there isn't much you can do dangling at her fingertips. She takes you over to the glass of water from earlier and dunks you in head first to clean you off. She repeats dunking you several times until she is satisfied that you are clean. She dries you off and drops you on the bed as she gets dressed for class. She finishes dressing and there is a knock at the door. ...

Your choices:

  1. It's one of her pledge sisters at the door
  2. It's Cassandra at the door.

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