Ariel's for life?

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By: lowlandslow

Ariel lets you "shower" in the plastic cup as before, dries you off in an old t-shirt and then puts you inside her lingerie drawer. You're overwhelmed by her scent and revel in it, diving deep down inside the masses of underwear and making yourself comfortable.

Ariel giggles, blows you a kiss and shuts the drawer. "See you soon, tiny" she says.

You expect her to be back after the time it takes to shower but, although she comes into the room, she doesn't open the drawer. She then seems to leave after a few minutes and several hours pass. You feel hungry and a bit lonely and you find yourself starting to pine for Ariel. She terrifies you but, despite what she's done to you, she's been essentially gentle and she seems to care about you far more than any other girl has since you shrank (or before if you were honest - it was your reaction to lack of interest from girls that got you into this mess in the first place...). Besides there's something about her that absolutely drives you crazy.

Finally the drawer opens and you see Ariel smiling down at you.

She plucks you from the drawer, gives you a kiss and walks over to the bed. She's now dressed in a t-shirt and short skirt and she sets you down in her lap, sprinkling some blueberry muffin crumbs next to you which you lap up hungrily.

She waits 'til you've finished, then lifts you up in her palm so you're face to face.

"Good news", she says, "I went to see Audrey, Mindy and Cassandra. I had a hunch they weren't so keen to keep you and it turns out I was right. I made out that I'd do anything to get through pledging and that I was reluctantly prepared to look after you and they fell for it and gave you to me. You belong to me now. Isn't that great?"

"What about your boyfriend?" you ask.

"He doesn't have to find out about you - not if you're a good boy and do what your mistress asks you anyway. But if you make any attempt to escape I'm going to tell him everything you've done to me and then hand you over. Be warned, Jack's a lovely guy but his one weakness is jealousy. So you'd better not try and escape"

"Or I'd better succeed if I do" you mutter.

"That's the other bit I need to tell you. I went to see my friend, who's a Physics major and she made something for me. Once I inject you with this..." from nowhere she produces a needle and sticks it into you. It's absolutely agony and terrifying as you feel something being injected into you.

Ariel continues "as I say, now I've injected you with that, there's a microchip implanted into you and that means that if I look on this..."
With those words Ariel shows you a GPS tracking device, "I can find out exactly where you are at any point in time. And the best thing is it's permanent You literally cannot escape me." She gives you a celebratory kiss.

"Isn't it wonderful?"

Your mind is spinning. It seems this girl owns you hook, line and sinker and - if what's she's saying is true - all escape attempts are ultimately futile as she's going to find you anyway. On the one hand your excited as you do really like this girl. On the other hand the boyfriend terrifies you, Ariel terrifies you if you're honest and you don't want to be owned by anyone for the rest of your life.

Your choices:

  1. Ariel celebrates with you.
  2. Ariel finds somewhere to hide you - Jack's due back any second.

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