Ariel Thinks Your Reaction Is Cute

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By: northgate

Ariel sees your little hard-on and smiles. "I even turn you on when I punish you. I like you more and more. I need to figure out a way to keep you for my own but for now I'm going to show you I'm not so bad."

She carries you over to her bed and lays you on your back. She lays down on her stomach and props herself up over you with a pillow. She smiles down at you and says, "Now Ariel is going to take good care of that little hard on of yours". She brings her head down and wraps her lips over your member which feels incredible as she gently moves up and down. Then the tip of her tongue come out and toys with the head of your penis sending you shaking up and back until you let go a massive load onto her tongue.

She slurps it up and pulls back. "You're a nasty little guy. Gentleman don't cum in a girl's mouth. Maybe you need another spanking.", she tells you. She thinks for a minute and says, "I have a better idea." She strips off her underwear and sits on the bed and drops you between her thighs in front of her pussy. "Now get to work and get me really wet."

You comply thinking this isn't that bad and go to it with both arms deep inside her setting her moaning and shaking until she is really wet and satisfied.

You back off exhausted and she looks down at you and says, "Now it is time for your punishment. I want you to lick it all up. Every drop until I am clean". You hesitate and her hand comes down behind you and pushes you head first into the wet mess. "Every drop or I'll punish you worse.", she repeats.

You are beaten by this giantess who would normally be younger and small than you welds absolute power over you. She smiles down at you as you lick away knowing she has the control. "I'll have to get you back to the house a little early.", she muses while you work, "If my boyfriend Jack knew what you were doing to me, he'd rip you in half. But don't worry as long as you do as I say, you'll be safe."

When you finish, she gets up and says, "I guess it's time for a shower before breakfast. I guess I'll ....

Your choices:

  1. lock you up for safekeeping
  2. take you with me.

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