Ariel is angry that you enjoyed the punishment

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By: northgate

Ariel spies your little hard-on and is annoyed that you enjoyed her punishment. "You really are impossible", she says, "I punish you and you actually get a hard on. I guess I need to punish you a different way" She looks around her room for something to teach you a lesson when she sees a dirty sock that she wore at her last workout at the gym.

"This should do nicely", she muses to herself and drops you in the top of the sock. You go tumbling down until you reach the bottom and smell of terrible stick of her foot odor. She looks down at you and says, "I can only imagine how bad that smells but its going to get worse."

You try to protest but she rolls the sock up into a ball along with it's match and starts tossing the sock in the air. "I doubt you're getting off on this", she laughs as she starts to play hacky sack with the sock ball and her foot. After she tires of the game she drops the sock ball with you still inside onto her dresser and goes out for a few errands. You try to escape but it is impossible. You lie there miserable in her foot stink until....

Your choices:

  1. Ariel Returns
  2. Ariel's Roommate returns

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