Time for some discipline

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By: lowlandslow

Ariel lays you on your front across her thigh. You writhe and struggle but her hand firmly holds you in place. She taps your backside with her finger - by her standards it's probably gentle but to you it's absolute agony. You squeal and scream.

"I'm sorry to have to do this" Ariel says "but it's the only way you'll learn. Forty lashes should do it".

The more she spanks you, the more the pain intensifies and the weaker you feel under her power but perversely the more you start to get turn on.

When she's finished she lifts you up to face her to give you a consoling kiss but as she does so she notices you're more than a little excited.

Your choices:

  1. She's angry you enjoyed her punishment so much.
  2. She finds it cute how excited you are.

Retrieved September 13, 2016