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By: northgate

You wake up before Ariel and decide to explore a bit. You climb down the bed covers to the floor and find a typically messy dorm room. You don't see much interesting around except clothes and shoes on the floor. You go over to the door and this is a relatively new building and as Ariel pointed out the door doesn't have room at the bottom for you to squeeze through.

Ariel awakens and starts looking for you on the bed. "Where do you go?", she asks out loud and you yell, "Over here". Somehow she hears you and looks over to see you by the door. She rolls out of bed and you are amazed by this towering naked giantess. She comes over to you and you find her two bare feet directly in front of you. She squats down to get closer to you and you see the pussy that you were trapped in a few hours ago hover nearer.

"You didn't listen to Ariel and you wandered off.", she says as she reaches for you and picks you up by the legs and dangles you in front of her face as she stands up. "Now I need to punish you for not listening."

You try telling her that you were bored and were just exploring around but she isn't listening and carries you back to the bed. She sits down on the bed and decides that it's time to ...

Your choices:

  1. spank you
  2. you you as her dildo again

Retrieved September 13, 2016