Ariel Takes You for the Weekend.

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By: northgate

Ariel thins for a moment and says, "You're right Cassandra. Plus my boyfriend is at an away game this weekend and my roommate is at home so the little guy can keep me company. Ariel stuffs you between her breasts and her bra holds you in place. She gives you a squeeze and says, "We're going to be really good friends, tiny."

Cassandra laughs at you stuffed in this freshman's bosom and says, "Tell you what Ariel. You are excused from your pledge duties this weekend. That way you can give your little guest your full attention. Just bring him back at dinner time on Sunday."

Ariel thanks her and leaves for her dorm. She doesn't say much to you as she walks through the campus in the early spring evening. She enters the building and takes an elevator to her floor so you know escaping this building won't be easy. She enters her room and locks the door. She immediately strips down to her bra and panties and admires herself in a full length mirror with you still lodged between her breasts. I"I am the sexy girl in that sorority, right" she asks you.

She is pretty sexy looking and you say, "Yes, no question about it."

She smiles and removes you from the bra and gives you another big wet kiss before putting you on her bed. She removes her bra revealing equally perfect breasts. "Are these the best you've ever seen.", she asks you.

"Oh, yes", you tell her not wanting to piss her off, "They are the best."

She picks you up and lays down on the bed and dangles you over her lips playing with you by lowering you down and her tongue lashing out to lick you. She laughs at your struggles and tells you, "My boyfriend is on the football team and he is a big guy so this is a nice change. And he's nice to me but there is one thing I love that he refuses to do. This weekend I'm going to teach you what I like and you'll learn to do it as much as I want." She rolls over on her stomach and starts to pull your clothes off and tossing them on the nightstand. "I like my men au natural and you won'[ be needing these for what I have planned. When she finishes she puts you on your back on her pillow and holds you down spreadeagled with her fingertips. She desends on you with her tongue playing with your dick until you can't take it anymore and cum which she licks up.

"Did you like that?", she asks and continues without waiting for a response, "Now it is my turn." and she rolls over on her back and lowers you down between her legs. You see her closely trimmed red bush quickly approaching and you slam into it. She rubs your body up and down on her outer lips and her other hand comes down and spreads her lips with her fingers and she pushes you in head first positioning you so your head is in front of a oval spot that is a little harder that the surrounding skin. You reach out and grab it to steady your self and you hear her purr, "Ohhh, you're a fast learner. Now I want lots of big kisses there like the kisses I've been giving you." You comply and she moans louder and shakes up and down.

This goes on for what seems like forever and you think you are getting a break when she finally pulls yo0u back but it is only to plunge you headfirst into her pussy where she pumps you in and out like a dildo. After she does that soaking you in her juices she repositions you to start over again. She goes through this routine for three cycles before she is finally satisfied and brings your body up to inspect. "You're you a little messy boy but you got to get messy to do a good job and you did good so i have a little reward for you.

She puts you in a tall plastic cup and takes a bottle of water that had been sitting on her desk and opens it. She pours it over you to give you a shower of sorts to clean you off. She leaves you in there to clean off while she lies naked in bad basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. She eventually takes you out and dries you off. She lies back down naked and pulls you close to her bare breast. She pulls a sheet over both of you and shuts her light out as she gets ready to go to sleep.

You lie in the darkness and you hear her softly say, "Now don't even think of wandering off. You won't fit under the door and we're on the seventh floor so there is no where to go. Anyway no one will takes as good of care of you as Ariel. Maybe if I get lucky they'll let me be your caretaker at the house and we can play all the time. That would be great."

You fall asleep quickly due to exhaustion but you wake up at first light still cuddled up against Ariel's breast. You look around and decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. explore a bit
  2. stay put

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