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By: northgate

Mindy and the girls go down to the basement and you are dropped on to the Foosball table by one of the goals. "OK", Mindy tells them, "The little guy and Dana versus Kelli and Lori. Now to keep it fair Kelli and little Joey will play the goalie. Lori and Dana get to play the offense. Winner gets to decide what to do with him next.". Mindy drops the ball onto the playing field.

The next few minutes are a blur as you get slammed with the ball but able to deflect it each time plus it helps you that Dana is a great Foosball player. However, as good as she is you are still getting beat up and bruised by the ball hitting you. You try to yell up and Dana but she ignores you. You move forward but she spins the men in front of you causing on of them to kick you in the crotch causing you to double over in pain. Lori make a shot and scores. Dana finally looks down at you to yell at you to get up and keep playing.

You struggle to get up and get back in position. You keep playing and fortunately the game is only to 7 points and you and Dana win. She plucks you off the playing field and says, "Good win! High five" and slams your body into her open palm stunning you. "Ha ha, good one", Mindy laughs, "Well you won so go have some fun. Just get him back to Cassandra tonight."

Dana squeeze you in her fist and says, "I need to get home and get cleaned up so let's go" and she is bounding up the steps and outside the sorority house to her car. She drops you in the cup holder as she drives off with the radio blaring and her singing. After about 40 minutes you arrive at a large suburban house and she takes you in and bounds upstairs to her room. "Look like no one's home. Just as well", she says as she drops you on the bed and you watch her strip down. "Time for a shower and I think you can use one too". You watch her strip down and admire her athletic tanned body. "She looks down at you, "Enjoying the view? Now strip shrimp! It's shower time", she orders you. You comply and she picks up your naked body and holds you in the palm of her hand and playfully flicks your dick and laughs at you. "Wow, that is tiny. Frickin' hilarious".

She carries you naked body into the bathroom and starts the shower. Once the water is adjusted she drops you down onto the top floor and steps in. You stare up at her tanned legs and she looks like a goddess towering over you. "Now be careful not to get stepped on", she giggles as her bare foot brushes by you sending you tumbling down the wet surface toward the drain. She starts soaping up and the surface gets even more slippery and you can't even stand up. You continue to struggle as she finishing washing up and scoops you up of the tub floor.

Suddenly, she scoops you up and says, "Time to get you clean", she says as she covers you completely in suds and rinses you off in the hot steamy water. She gets you and deposits you in the sink and gives you a hand towel which is far too big for you as she dries off and gets puts on a sexy pair of underwear and a t-shirt. She carries you back to her bedroom and drops you on the bed and looks down at you smiling.

She ... .

Your choices:

  1. she decides to get frisky with you
  2. she decides something else

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