Kiss the Pledge's Sweaty Feet

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By: northgate

Cassandra laughs at the idea of you having to kiss a dozen smelly sweaty feet and she announces that you will lick any the pledges feet clean who want you to. The girls all gather around and watch as you are forced to kiss and lick Kelli's feet first. Cassandra makes sure you lick between the toes and do a good job and fortunate for you a few of the pledges need to leave so you only have to do this for Kelli, Lori, Dana and Stacey. Cassandra also gets you a shot glass of water and allows you a quick drink between each foot. The girls take foull advantage of you too playing with you with their feet while you try and do your job.

While you are working on Kelli, Cassandra asks Stacey if you are really her sister's ex-boyfriend. "Yeah, That's him, Joe. I wouldn't forget him. He broke her heart. I'd do anything to get even with him.", Stacey tells her.

"Well, Mindy and I need to go out tonight. So once we finish here why don't you take him back up to our room and have some fun with him. Just no permanent damage or Audrey will be pissed at all of us.", Cassandra tells her, "While you're at it, we asked him to do some spy work for us and he wouldn't do it. Maybe you can convince him otherwise while you are playing".

When you finally finish your job, Cassandra grabs you up and she takes you back to her room with Mindy and Stacey in tow. They enter the room and close the door behind them depositing you on a nearby desk. Cass and Mindy get their things to go out and Cass tells Stacey, "Remember, you can do anything you want as long as he can recover. We should be back around midnight." Stacey eyes you up greedily as the two roommates leave and Cass says, "Have fun you two!" as she closes the door.

"Well, well", Stacey says as she sits down in front of you and her huge breasts are eye level to you. "So how are we going to play this?", she asks you, "Are you going to be my little bitch and do whatever I say or do have to break you first? Either way, when we get done here, I'm going to own you and you'll do whatever I say. So what do you say?"

You reply, ...

Your choices:

  1. Screw you, bitch
  2. Yes, Mistress

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