The Original Offer

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By: northgate

Ariels says she'll take the original offer and Cassandra congratulates her and tells her she is excuses from all pledge work for the week. "Now girls", she says, "Waht do you think Mindy and I should do with our little Joey next. The girl with the best idea will get a reward from me."

Now you are really worried as all the girls start talking at once. Stacey immediately responds to Cassandra, "That little shit used to date my sister and dumped her. I'd be happy to take the afternoon to torture him. It be my pleasure after he made my sister cry."

Lori and Kelli have their own idea as Lori interrupts and says, "I think we should all take off her sweaty socks and let the little guy lick our feet clean."

Mindy laughs at that suggestion and says, "I like that one. It be fun to watch."

Dana says, "How about he play Foosball with him?" Cassandra looks at her not understanding the suggestion and she continues. You know we still have that Foosball game down in the basement. We could tie to one of the men and play with him. He'd be a cool goalie." Ariel adds, "Too bad we don't have more little guys. We could have them all play with us."

Cassandra thinks about the suggestions and decides to .....


Your choices:

  1. watch you kiss their sweaty feet
  2. let them play Foosball with you

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