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By: northgate

You tell Mindy that would be dishonest and you couldn't do it. The reality was that you didn't want to be sent into yet another sorority house as a spy no less. That could be real trouble if you get caught.

Mindy growls, "You're right. He is worthless. We should find some ultra rich guy with a little daughter or granddaughter to sell him to. Then they can give their little brat a great gift. What do you think we can get for him?"

Cassandra says, "We could get arrested for selling him. That wouldn't look good on my permanent record. Hey, how about we use him the prank the pledges. Aren't they suppose to all be here later?"

Mindy says, "Yeah, they are playing in this year's inter-sorority pledge soccer game. Their coming back here after the game.". She pauses and smiles, "I have an idea.". She goes over to Cassandra and whispers in her ear and they both start laughing and you know that can't be good for you."

They leave you hanging on that damn cork board all day until some girl comes by and says that the pledges have returned. Mindy grabs you off the board and they both dart downstairs to see the pledges. When they get there Mindy stands the side as Cassandra goes up to the pledges. A whole gaggle of sorority sisters surround them asking all the details. Apparently they won the matches and where in first place.

Cassandra barks, "OK quiet and line up." The girls line up immediately and the sisters back off. The pledges shout out, "Yes, Pledge Mistress". You realize that Cassandra is in charge of these pledges and she made sure they knew she was in charge. She proceeds to ask each girl questions about the game. She finally proclaims "You girls did a fine job. I think you deserve a reward." She pauses and smiles for a minute looking at each dirty sweaty girl in the line. "You girls are all close to becoming full sisters of the sorority but tonight one of you is going to get her promise of sisterhood and be excused from pledge work this week. Does that sound good?"

They all nod their heads eager to hear the details of how they can win the promise and week off.

"Mindy, can you come here.", Cassandra says. All the other sisters are watching anxiously waiting to see what is going to happen next. Mindy comes up with you in her fist by her side. Cassandra continues, "We're going to have a kiss and hugging contest. Each of our pledges will give our judge a hug and then a kiss and one girl judged best wins. It's that simple. Mindy how about you introduce our judge."

Mindy turns to the sisters and holds you up held against her open palm with her thumb and index finger. You also see Audrey in the back having just come in and she does not look happy. "Ladies, let me introduce our judge. He may be tiny but he's all man. He's little Joey." While holding you up she brings up her other hand and tugs your shorts down exposing yourself to them and they all laugh at the joke. Mindy lets you pull your pants back up before she turns and passes you in front of the girls and you can immediately smell the sweat and dirt on them.

Cassandra assigned each girl a number and rolls a die to see who goes first. The die is 4 so it is decided that the order will be 4-5-6-1-2-3. Mindy hands you to #4 who you later learn is named Michelle and she reluctantly takes you with both hands and hold you up to her shoulder like she was burping a baby gives you a soft hug. Her kiss wasn't much better as she squeezed her lips tightly and kissed you on the side of the head like she was being forced to kiss a mouse. "

Next was #5, is a girl named Lori who looks like a typically bitchy sorority sister. He also find out later she is the head of the pledge class. She reaches under her t-shirt and moves her sports bra while bringing you up to her t-shirt and you get your face mashed into her sweaty tit. It's not even very big but at your size an A cup is massive. Then without a moment for you to catch your breath she pulls you into her wet lips and gives you a long sensual kiss across the face. She seductively stroked you and smiles down at you as she hands you back to Mindy.

Girl #6 is names Kelli and is Lori's roommate and best pal as she want to win but doesn't want to top her friend either. She takes you and look down at you longingly like she's rather be somewhere else doing something else to you. She lift you to her breast and again you get pushed into her sweat soaked shirt. She smells the worse so far. She gives you a kiss similar to Lori's but not as wet or long. You think in your mind that so far Lori number five is the best but you have no idea what will happen next.

Girl #1 was named Dana and was eager to win and when she takes you she makes some quick play with me with her fingertips to arouse me before bring me up between two more than ample boobs and gives me a big squeeze between them. She must have removed her bra before she got me and I feel her hot skin through the t-shirt. The hot sweaty smell of her breast enveloped me from all sizes and I thought this might be the end for me. Then she brought me away for a moment only to finger me some more. Then I get her kiss wet and with tongue play across my face. It was longer and wetter than Lori's and left me breathless. I thought, "A new leader in the voting as she handed me back to Mindy.

I was shocked when I looked up girl #2. Her name was Stacey and she is the sister of my former girlfriend, Debbie. She takes me a I yell, "Stacey, it's me Joe. I need your help to get out of here,". She smiles back and you and dangles you by your ankles in from of her face. "You really think I am going to help you and ruin my year pledging?", she asks you and then puts you under her shirt and directly between her hot boobs. All the girls laughed at that exchange and where you ended up. She wasn't as ample as Dana but her pressing against her bare skin made up for it. When she took me out, she brought me to her lips and whispered, "Vote me me and I'll help you." before giving him a hot wet kiss with plenty of tongue action in the middle.

You wished you could get a break before continuing but there is one last girl to go. Girl #3 is a little redhead named Ariel. She looked like a little firecracker that could go off at any moment and looked like she had the energy to go all night. She takes you from Mindy and plays with you with her tiny finger tugging at your shorts to lower them to around your ankles as she lifts you under her shirt and lightly rubs your privates against her bare nipple. She lowers you a bit so your head is level with her nipple and you lean in and give it a few licks. She continues to play with you under her shirt for a long while before extracting you leaving you lying in the palm of her hands with your pants down and a raging hard-on. She lifts you to her mouth and gently uses her tongue to caress your member under you can't take it and explode. She gives you a last lick wiping your mess away in a single swipe. Before fixing your pant sand handing you back to Mindy.

Cassandra says "OK, let hear what our horny little judge has to say. Who gave you the best hug and kiss?", she asks.

You think for a minute about Stacey and her offer. But you thought for a moment and figure she is screwing with you to get you to pick her at the best. Debbie and her family were pretty pissed at you after the break-up and you don't see how she could be honest. You announce "#3 Ariel is the winner and she gets excited and starts jumping up and down shaking her tiny boobs in the process. Mindy hands you to Ariel who gives you a big kiss across the face.

"Now Ariel. I'll make you another offer.", Cassandra tells her, "Your pledging is over in three weeks so the deal may not be as good as it seems so I'll offer you an alternative. You can have the little man as your personal slave, boyfriend, toy or whatever for this whole weekend instead of the original offer. So what do you think?"

Ariel says, I'll take ....


Your choices:

  1. The Original Offer
  2. You for the weekened instead.

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