Jump Off Bed and Escape Cassandra

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By: northgate

You are sick of kissing this girl and decide enough is enough. You jump down from her leg and dive off the bed to her pile of sweat pants below. You survive the fall but now you have to climb out of the pants to get to the door. It takes you a minute but as soon as you clear the pants, Cassandra has realized you are gone and sees you running.

You don't have a chance as she moves fast and grabs you up into her fist. "That was stupid, tiny. Now you won't get any reward for reaching the top. Frankly, I was bored by your whole little routine. You are a waste of my time. I'd take you back to Audrey but I think she went out tonight. Maybe my roommate Mindy will find you amusing. She should be back from her study group soon."

She takes a rubber band and wraps it around you a bunch of times immobilizing your arms to your side. They she takes another rubber band and passes it through the first one and uses a tack to stick it to her roommate's bulletin board over her desk. "That should keep you for running off", she says smiling as returns to her bed and her magazine.

Fortunately you don't have to wait too long as her roommate Mindy comes through the door and says "Hi" to Cassandra. Cass looks up and says, "I left you a little present hanging on your board." Mindy comes over and looks at the board and sees you. You say "hello" to her and her sexy green eyes get as wide as saucers. "What they hell?", she says turning back to Cass, "What is that?"

You look Mindy over and she has straight dark brown hair off the shoulder, a nice tan skin and the aforementioned green eyes. She's pretty cute but not drop deep gorgeous. Cassandra explains the whole situation to Mindy who comes back and looks you over hanging helplessly from her bulletin board. She sits down in front of the desk and takes you down followed by carefully removing the rubber band that is binding you. You fall to the top of her desk and she looks down at you. "Hi there little guy", she says with a smile that lights you up, "What's your name?"

You tell her your name is Joe and you need help.

"I see, Joe", she says still smiling at you. "Now what are you doing here in our sorority house?". she asks.

"You are wasting your time", Cassandra snorts looking up for a moment, "he couldn't even get me hot kissing me. Total waste of time."

You tell her that this isn't your choice and you were sent here by an evil genie and you just want to get back to normal.

"I see, Joe", she repeats again, "So tell me Joe, what can you do for us in exchange for this help. You're awfully small so you can't clean our room and Cassandra says you weren't a good lover. So what can you do for us?"

Joe thinks about her question but is drawing a blank. "Am I really that worthless", he thinks.

"Let see", she continues, "You're too small to cook or do pretty much any normal job here. I know some little girls who would love for you to be their doll. Problem is that we are sorority sisters and we don't play dolls so that isn't going to work. "

"I don't know about that", say Cass, "I bet a few of these girls still play with dolls."

Mindy continues, "I know what you could be good at! A spy. You are so little you could sneak around and spy and no one would know you are there. You'd be a little secret agent."

Cassandra rolls over and sits up, "Wait a minute. You may have something there Mindy. He could help us. Alpha Sigma Sigma beat us the past three years with their float for the annual Greek parade. We'll got the money and the talent but they always have the great ideas. I found out they are having a meeting tomorrow to plan their float. We could sent the little guy in to spy on them and tell us their ideas."

Mindy smiles and says, "Yeah, great idea. Pull this off little guy and I'll help you out. How is that?" She extends her pinkie for you to shake and make a deal.

Your choices:

  1. Shake and tell her you will help
  2. Tell her it is dishonest to cheat by spying

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