Challenges to Make Love to Cassandra

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By: northgate

She gets an idea and stands up and strips to a white tank top (sans bra) and pair of really short shorts made from sweat pants material. She grabs you up and takes you to a lounge chair across the room and sit down. She holds you up to her face and smiles at you. "OK, now I want you to make love to me. But since we just met you'll need to start at the bottom and work your way up.", she tells you as she drops you to the floor by her outstretched foot. "And I want lots of kisses from you all the way up to the top", she laughs.

You look at her foot and she wiggles her toes at you. "Get to work tiny or I'll crush you between my dainty toes", she laughs at you. You move forward and bend down to kiss her toes and her foot twitches sending you flying a few feet away. "That tickled", she tells you. You got back and try again and this time she resists the urge to send you flying. "Kiss all of them", she orders you and you comply. You climb of top of her foot an get on all fours and kiss the top of her foot and crawl up to her ankle. You stand to kiss her ankle but she gives a shake and you fall off on to your back. "You need to kiss my whole foot before you can move on to my ankle", she tells you as she tilts her foot back and hoovers it directly over you. She had been wearing flip flops all day and you really don't want to kiss the bottom of her foot but she doesn't give you a choice by lowering her foot over you forcing you to kiss her or risk being stepped on. You start kissing and her foot tastes salty and disgusting. You want to gag but she keeps moving it around and forcing you kiss different parts.

She is finally satisfies and moves her foot next to you and flat on the floor. You get up and get to climb back up and she says, "Not so fast. My Achilles tendon would like some loving too." You groan and walk around the back of her foot and comply with her wishes. When you finish she says, "And the sides too, Tiny". You again comply and all you can think about is getting a giant glass of water to drink. When you finish the sides of her foot, she tells you, "Now I think you need to do my toes again for rushing through the job the first time and this this time make sure to give me a kiss between the toes too.", she giggles at you as she flips on the TV to watch the E! channel while you continue below.

You finally make it back on top of her foot and kissing the bottom of her leg. You're going to need to climb her leg and even with her leg stretched out the ascent will be tricky. You wrap your arms and legs around her leg and work your way up kissing as you go. You make it to her knee and she says, "You need to kiss all around my knee. It's really sensitive." You again comply to her wishes kissing all around her knee which is 100 times better that her foot so you don't mind.

You continue up until you get to the bottom of shorts and wonder if she expects you to climb inside to keep kissing. You look up at her engrossed in some stupid reality TV show and ask her, "Excuse me. Do you want me to keep going?"

She looks down at you annoyed. "You're interrupting my show, tiny. I think it is time you do my other side". She plucks you off her lap and drops you back on the ground. Her other foot comes over and you are helpless as she lowers it over you pinning you on your back with your head by her toes. She hold you there and you can't move as much as you struggle to get free. "Now you can take a break down there until the next commercial", she tells you.

You continue with her other legs and it is a repeat of everything your went through the first time. By the time you reach the top of her leg you are exhausting and dying of thirst. However, you know better from your last experience and wait there until the commercials come on the TV. "Please mistress, can I have a drink of water.", you ask her hoping for the best.

"Sure tiny", she says smiling at you and she carries you across the room where she retrieves a shot glass and a bottle of water. She fills the glass before taking the rest for herself. You look at the shot glass and it is like drinking out of a barrel but at this point you don't care and stick you hear in to drink your fill. Cassandra giggles at the sight of you drinking. When you are finished she picks you up and shuts off the TV and tells you, "Now you have to do the back of my legs." You groan as you realize this job will never end. She takes you to the bed and removes her sweat shorts and drops then to the ground by the bed. She gets a magazine and lays down on her stomach on top of the bed and puts you next to her. "Now get down there, tiny and kiss both my legs and when you're done I want you to kiss my ass. All over, every inch", she tells you as she starts to read her magazine.

You ...

Your choices:

  1. Get back to work.
  2. Jump off the bed to the sweats below to escape this girl.

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