Cassandra Comes Back Alone.

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By: northgate

Cassandra comes back from dinner and retrieves you from her drawer and places you on her desk. She pulls a soft crouton out of her pocket and puts it next to you. She then takes the top off a bottle of water and fills the cap for you. She sits back to watch you eat your meager portions. "Eat up, tiny", she tells you, "I have a special dessert for you" You are starving and the crouton is like a loaf of bread to you and you are able to finish it quickly.

"Good boy", she tells you as you finish, "and now a special treat." She stands up and drops her shorts and panties and steps out of them. She starts playing with herself and you know you are in trouble. "You make me so horny. I can't stop thinking about your tiny tongue licking me. She takes her finger out for a moment and holds it up to you. "Give it a lick. Doesn't dessert smell delicious?", she laughs as she grabs you up and takes you back to the bed. She lays on the bed with her back propped up with pillows and drops you in front of her wet hungry pussy. "Get to work tiny", she laughs.

You have no choice and approach her. You reach out and stroke her and start kissing. She lets out a soft moan and used her fingers to open herself up to you and guide you to her favorite spot deep inside. You keep working although the air in there isn't all that good. Her fingers probe deep past you and occasional rub her juices all over you. She has multiple orgasms but she won't let you stop until it is close to an hour.

She looks down at you with a satisfied look. "That was nice but you're all messy again. I can't keep running you down to the bathroom." She gets a glass and drops you in and then pours the remainder of her water bottle over your head to rinse you off. Then she extracts you and dries you with her towel. "There we go", she says approving of her own work. "Maybe I'll pick up some of those baby wipes tomorrow to keep you clean."

You shudder at that comment thinking how many more times you may have to endure this treatment. She lays back down on the bed with the pillows propping her up and lays you across her t-shirt on her breast. You try to stay on but you roll down to her lap and stop yourself before falling onto the bed between her legs. "She laughs at you, "You are so helpless. I better but you somewhere safe she you don't get hurt." and she puts you back in the drawer. "Now you rest up because tomorrow morning, I want to full treatment from you." , she says as she blows you a kiss and closes the drawer.

You collapse to the floor of the drawer in despair over what has become of you and think if it can get any worse.

The next morning, the drawer opens and it is ...

Your choices:

  1. Audrey and she is taking you somewhere
  2. Cassandra ready for more action

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