Cassandra's Dildo

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By: northgate

Cassandra opens her night stand drawer and produces a dildo that is twice your size and you shudder at the monstrosity. "I used my favorite toy so much last semester, I burned it out. I really miss playing with it", she tells you, "But now Audrey gave you to me and you're going to be my new toy". She drops the dildo into the trash bin next to her bed and stands up.

You watch helplessly as she stands before you and strips down to her bra and panties. You're aroused by her sexy body even though you know what she plans to do with you.

She grabs you up and tears at your cloths leaving you naked as she drops you back to the bed. She removes her remaining undergarments and lays down next to you in the bed. She pulls you close to her warm breast and whispers, "You feel so good next to me." You can't see what is happening but her free hand is already playing with herself down below and she is getting moist thinking about your naked body inside her pussy squirming around and pleasuring her. She tells you, "If you do a good job maybe I'll be able to talk Audrey into saving you for the two of us instead of letting every girl in the house get their hands on you." She gives you a kiss on the head and lowers you down to her pussy and says, "Some of girls here are pretty trashy"

You think her comment is pretty comical and you almost smile but a moment later you are slammed headfirst into her hot wet pussy. First she stroke you in and out softly but soon she is going harder and deeper until you think she is going to break you. Back and forth and back and firth and you think you are going to chock on her fluids as she reach orgasm. Finally she stops with you deep inside her and you think she is done but she continues by using the edge of her fingernail against the bottom of your feet. You are incredibly ticklish there and start to convulse around inside to her delight. She keeps up the treatment for what seems forever until she orgasms again.

She finally extracts you wet, tired and battered from inside her. "Yuck, you're a mess" she says and she drops you off the bed to the floor below. Fortunately your fall is broken by her pile of clothes that you land on. She stands up and puts on a silk robe and drops you in the pocket. She takes you down to the common bathroom and washes and dries you off in a sink before taking you back to her room. She opens the drawer that her dildo previously occupied and drops you and your clothes in there. "That's a good boy", she tells you, "I'm going to go get dinner and maybe I'll bring you back a treat for being so good and then we can play some more." She closes the rawer and leaves you in darkness.

Your choices:

  1. Cassandra comes back after dinner alone.
  2. Cassandra comes back after dinner with Audrey

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