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By: northgate

Audrey says to Cassandra, "I know you like to play around with all those cool sex toys you have but I have the ultimate toy right here"

Cassandra looks at her quizzically and asks, "What are you talking about?"

Audrey holds out her hand with you clinging fearfully in to her fingers and Cassandra's eyes get wide and she smiles. "Oh my God", she says coming closer to examine you. "He looks so real that is amazing", she continues, "Can I hold it?"

Audrey pulls you loose and drops you into Cassandra's waiting hands. She rolls you around with her fingertips carefully examining you. "He is real", Audrey tells her, "He walks and talks and everything else. I've decided he should be our sorority mascot. Of course, we'll have to keep him as a sorority secret. No one outside the active members can know about him or he might get taken away from us. Anyway, I know how much you like toys, I figured I'd let you have some time with hm before he show him to everyone else. If you are interested, of course."

Cassandra enthusiastically responds, "Yes!" and looks down at you in the palm of her hand. "What do you think, tiny? Want to spend some time with me?" She gives you a poke in the stomach to get a reaction from you.

"Please don't hurt me. I'll do whatever you want", you tell her hoping for some mercy.

"Of course you will do whatever I want", she laughs as she closes her palm to a fist with you trapped inside with your head sticking out the top. "Thanks Audrey", she tells her friend as she leaves for her own room. She drops you on her bed and sits down next to you. She looks down and you and decides that you ....

Your choices:

  1. will be her new dildo
  2. will be challenged to make love to her

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