Sophie Returns For Some Playtime

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By: northgate

You sit under the glass bowl and hope you won't run out of air. You can see a clock on the wall and you can watch time slowly tick by until Sophie finally returns. Within a few minutes she is in the kitchen and checking you out trapped under the glass bowl. She lifts it off you and you breath a sign of relief. "Miss me?", she asks as she picks you up between her delicate fingers and carries you back to the bedroom.

"I don't think your friend likes me much. She told me she is going to cook me when you are done with me.", you tell her hoping for some sympathy.

"Don't worry, she's just trying to scare you cause she loves me so much. She won't hurt a poor defenseless little thing like you.", she tells you, "Anyway, she's out right now and we have time to play before I need to go back to the house." She enters the bedroom and drops you onto the shag carpeted floor below her.

You watch in amazement as she strips down to a t-shirt and briefs. "Wow" is all you can think looking at her petite tan body which is gigantic compared to you. You watch as she stands up in front of you her arms crossed and her legs in front of of you at one o'clock and eleven o'clock. You look up at her and she is looking back at you.

"What are you waiting for?", she asks, "This is the games we are going to play. You run and I'm going to catch you between my stinky toes. I'll give you a ten second head start."

You don't need a second hint and start running but it is near impossible in a shag carpet. You see a dresser that sits close to the ground and may provide you cover and you run for it as you hear her count off slowly far above you. You hear her say "Seven" as you continue to run and you know you aren't even going to be close to making it.

She counts until she gets to ten and says, "Ready or not here I come" and she takes a single step forward covering half the distance that you already traveled. "Maybe my little man needs some help", you hear her says and a moment later her big toe impacts your body as she gives you a little kick and sends you flying across the room tumbling a couple feet from the dresser.

You get up to run but she is too fast for you and you feel her foot approach and grab you between her first and second toes squeezing the air out of your lungs for a moment. She pivots on her foot and sits down on a nearby gliding rocker, her foot still resting on its heel and you a few inches off the ground helplessly trapped between her toes.

She laughs at you and raises her leg parallel to the ground so you are far off the floor and laughs at you. "That wasn't very hard to catch you. You are really slow.". she tells you.

"Well the carpet didn't help.", you reply.

She gives you another squeeze from her toes, "Silence tiny. I'll let you know when I want your opinion." She examines you and turns her foot one way and then the other. "That carpet is pretty soft. Think you'd survive the fall?", she laughs at you, "How about now?", she continues and she lifts her leg up to 45 degrees so you are far above the floor. She returns her leg to horizontal and looses her grip on you and you need to hang on for fear of falling. "Now let's see who lasts longer.", she tells you, "My leg in the air or you holding on. Climb up my leg to my lap and I'll reward you or fall off and I'll punish you. Now that will be some incentive for you."

You struggle to get on top of her foot so you can climb to safety and she gives her foot a little jiggle to make it harder for you to stay on. You ....

Your choices:

  1. Hang on and make it up her leg
  2. Fall to the ground but are unharmed

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