Erica Unties You

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By: northgate

Erica slowly and painfully removes the tape from your body freeing you and checking you out. "Thank you", you tell her.

"Save your breath", she replies, "I don't want anything to do with you. Sophie's my girl but she insists on playing house at that sorority pretending to be something that she isn't with that hot little roommate of hers." She finishes the job and drops you back on the coffee table. "Now she brings hope a tiny man and leaves him with me. What am I a babysitter?" She reaches over a get a cigarette and lights it up.

"Look I know how you feel. Just take me back to Amy at the sorority and we'll all get what we want.", you suggest to her.

She leans in and blows smoke in your face making you cough and sneers, "I doubt you could ever know how I feel. You insignificant bug of a man. I won't be taking you anywhere. You are Sophie's little toy for now and when she is done with you, I'll get to do whatever I want to you. Here, let me show you something. She puts her cigarette down and picks you up in her fist and carries you to the kitchen where show shows you the high end appliances. "I love to cook", she tells you. "Look at this", she tells you and she shows you an oven with the rotisserie attachment. "Maybe I'll cook you slowly in my oven, slowly turning until you are nice and ready or maybe you'd be better in a soup. That's sounds like a good idea."

She drops you on the kitchen counter and takes out a heavy glass mixing bowl. "There that will keep you out of trouble until Sophie gets back", shge says as she leaves the room. You are left there for hours until ....

Your choices:

  1. Erica returns
  2. Sophie Returns

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