Sophie Takes You for a Visit

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By: northgate

You settle into the pocket of this jacket trapped and waiting for Sophie to come retrieve you. The hours go by and eventually you fall asleep. Some time later you are awaken by someone putting the jacket on walking outside. You are in darkness and don't know how long you've been asleep or what day it is. You have no clue of where you are going as you sense you've entered a building and gone up stairs. You're really anxious to know what is happening to you. You had finally found a kind girl only to be set up for robbery and whisked away by this nasty girl.

The pocket you are hidden in unzips from the outside and a hand enters grasping for you. It pulls you out and drops you on a hard surface. You look around and realize you are on a coffee table in a living room. You don't know where you are but sitting on the sofa in front of you is Sofie and another girl you don't know. "Hi Shorty.", Sophie says, "You owe me for saving you from those sorority girls. They would have killed you." She removed your gag and stand you up still bound.

"That's only because you lied about me", you tel her.

She pokes you in the stomach with her index finger knocking you down and says, "Watch it buster. I didn't start that rumor. The good news that you're way for the house and safe now. Well maybe safe isn't the right word, but anyway I brought you over to meet my friend Erica."

The other girl looks at you with a bit of disdain. "Let me lay it out for you shorty", she tells you, "We're a pair of man hating lesbian lovers and you're here for our amusement. My girl Sophie doesn't want to tell her sisters that she swings the other way so, I'm a secret to them."

Sophie says, "I need to go to work and you're going to stay here until I figure out something better. Erica try not to kill him or break him before I get back. It'll only be six hours." Sophie gets up and set you back up before giving you another poke. "I can't wait to get back and play with you", she says as she leaves.

You are alone with Erica who looks down at you and decides to ...

Your choices:

  1. unbind you and play with you herself.
  2. lock you away until Sophie gets back.

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