Sophie Comes in the Room..

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By: northgate

Amy's roommate Sophie comes in the room and you decide it's best to not reveal yourself not sure if she would turn you over to Audrey. She settles in and you notice she is looking for something at her desk without luck. A moment later she spins around and makes a beeline to Amy's desk where you are hiding. You try to hid behind the books but she sees you are her thin gentle hand reaches forward and drags you back into view on the center of the desk. ":My , my what do we have here?", she asks with a smile .

You realize you'll need to trust her and you tell her the whole story that you told Amy. "I see", she responses, "Well I guess I should go downstairs and check on what is happening and then Amy and I can make an excuse to get back up here, Now wait here and we'll be right back."

Sophie leaves after about 10 minutes comes back alone. She comes over to the desk and sits in front of you. "You should hear what they are saying about you. That you are a thief and stole Audrey's diamond earrings and you are going to steal more."

"That's not true!", you shout at her. "I believe you but it won't matter when those girls find you you'll be in big trouble." She leans back and thinks for a moment, "Hmmm, I have an idea." She reaches over and there is a small jewelry box in the corner of the desk. She pulls it forward and opens it. "look at this great stuff Amy has. I wish I had some of these things. Look at this little ring. Isn't that a gorgeous diamond? I bet that's worth a few bucks." She hands you the ring which although it is a small girl's ring you can barely hold it.

Sophie closes the box and pushes it back in place. She takes the ring from you and slips it on her finger followed by picking you up in her fist. She gives you a smile and little squeeze. "Too bad Amy trusted you and left you right next to her jewelry and you betrayed her trust and stole for her", she says as she carries you across the room to her desk.

What are you doing", you cry out, "I thought you are her friend?"

She drops you on her desk and takes out a tape dispenser. "I think I'm tired of explaining things to you. Maybe you can use some quiet time to figure it out for yourself. She tapes you arms to your side and you legs together and finally puts a small piece of tape on your mouth to keep you quiet. She takes you to her closet and drops you and the ring into the pocket of a windbreaker and zips it shut trapping you inside.

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