Jenni a sweet looking blond

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By: northgate

Jenni a nice looking blond with shoulder straight length hair and curves in the right places as well as ample breasts takes you in her hand and give you a good squeeze as she brings you up to her face. "Ohhhh, you are so adorable.", she coos at you, "I can't wait to get you back to my room and have you all to myself. We are so lucky cause my roommate is at her boyfriend's place tonight."

Jenni bounds up to her room on the top room of the house and jumps in her bed with you still in her hand. She lays back with her head propped up on her pillows and holds you in front on her between her fingertips. "You are so cute", she giggles, "Like a perfect little toy man." She moves you closer and starts to kiss you all over your body. Her tongue shots out and she licks you across the face before resuming her kisses. She jumps off the bed bouncing you in the air and you watch as she takes off her top and pants leaving just her bra and panties and poses for you. "Do you think I'm sexy?", she asks you.

"Oh yes, you're very beautiful", you tell her hoping to stay on her good side and maybe getting some help. She climbs back in the bed but this time on all fours hoovering over you. Her head swoops down and she asks, "Do I scare you little man? After all I'm so big next to you, it must be scary. Her finger comes up and gives you a poke knocking you over. Before you can move she swoops in and her jibs lock on you and you are trapped on your back as her tongue assaults you. She follows this by using her fingers to pin you down and tickle you. "Your tiny laugh is so cute. I love tickling you", she tells you as she grabs you up in her hand.

Jenni rolls over and places you on her bare stomach and watches you as you try to stand and walk around but the surface is too soft and you can't walk steadily. You step back and you step into her belly button and fall down causing her laugh at you predicament. After a night of playing with you, she shares a snack of some pretzels and water before she changes into a skimpy nightie with her back to you the whole time.

She snuggles with you in bed and asks, :Do you wish I was your girlfriend?". You replay "yes!" enthusiastically hoping to stay on the good side of who is probably the nicest girl you've met so far. She giggles at your response and says, "Well you are too tiny to be a boyfriend. I think you'd make a better pet." She pulls you close against her breast as she shuts off her night light and says, "If it make you feel better I was you were my little pet." After playing with you a bit more, she falls asleep with you pinned against her chest.

Do you...

Your choices:

  1. Stay. She's the nicest girls you've met
  2. Run. There is nothing stopping you from ascaping.

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