Cuddle up and try and get some sleep

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By: northgate

You know if Mia catches you escaping again, she will really hurt you and you don't want to take the chance even if she is clearly sleeping. You try to get as comfortable as possible and get some sleep. You finally fall asleep from exhaustion. The next thing you feel when you wake up is Mia grabbing your leg and dragging you out of her pussy. You are a mess covered in her dried sticky cum. "My, my", she says, "What a messy boy but I just love see you covered in you in my love juices. I think I'll keep you like that."

She picks you up toward her face and smiles at you. "I wonder how thick I can get it on you:, she giggles, "but for now I need to go to class but we'll have more fun later. She gives you some water and crumbs from a left over snack before going in her desk drawer and extracting a watch case with a clasp. She opens up the box and deposits you inside. This should keep you nice and safe and most importantly all for me.", she says as closes and latches it shut. She puts the case back in her drawer. "Pleasent dreams.and make sure they are all about me.", she tells you as she goes about her business to get ready for class.

She doesn't come back until after dinner and fortunately brings you something to eat and drink. "She tells you, "It's just me and you tonight and I've been thinking about you all day." She strips off her shorts and panties showing you her freshly shaved pussy and carries you over to her bed. She drops you between her thighs. "Time to get busy, tiny", she tells you.

You look up at her and say, "Can't we talk about this first. I mean ..." but you are interrupted by her slamming her thighs together knocking the air from your lungs and trapping you between her muscular thighs. A moment later she spreads her thighs to see you collapsed on the bed. "Now you have 5 seconds to get in my pussy and start kissing or I'll smoosh you harder."

You get up and stumble forward into her already moist pussy and start massaging her outer lips. "My my, no need to be modest at this point", she tells you as she pushes you forward so your face in up against her clitoris. You keep kissing and she moans, "Ohhhh, that is really nice. Keep going." and she keeps poking and pushing you into her. When she is satisfied and she gabs you by your legs and stroke you in and out of her love canal like a dildo until you are totally coated in a fresh coating of her juices.

"I love feeling you in there", she tells you as she finishes but instead of taking you out she puts her panties back on trapping you inside. "I think tonight you can sleep with me", she laughs as she goes about her business in her room. Her roommate comes back and asks about you but Mia lies and tells her that you disappeared after the first night and she buys the whole story figuring you are somewhere else in the sorority house. Mia lies down for bed with you safely tuck deep inside her. Once she is asleep you try to get out but the panties hold you in place making escape impossible.

She doesn't get up until her roommate left for class and she takes you out and admires how crusty and disgusting she has made you in two night. "We're going to keep this up until no one recognizes you and llok like one of my sex toys. Isn't that awesome?", she tells you.

"No, it's not you say but she puts you back in the case in the drawer to wait out another day.


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  1. The next night...

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