Escape from Mia and Sarah

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By: northgate

You look for an escape from these two horny co-eds and you think it might be easier to climb over Mia to get to the edge of the bed. You start to climb over her breast hoping to get up over her shoulder to the other side of the bed and down to the floor near the door. However, she feels you climbing and you realize you should have climbed over her drunk roommate instead.

Mia grabs you in her fist and brings you up close to her face. Her breath washes over you as she says, "What a naughty boy you are. Trying to run away from us. Now I need to punish you, tiny and your punishment is going to be very painful and may damage you a bit. What do you think of a thumbtack through your foot. That seems appropriate for a runaway."

"No, no, please", you plead to her hoping to avoid her torture, "I'll behave. I promise."

"OK", she tells you, "if you promise to pleasure me all night, I let you off with a warning. Would you like that instead?" she asked you.

"Yes, yes, anything. I'll kiss you all night if you want", you tell her.

"Yes", she replies smiling, "that is what I want. For you to kiss me all night until the morning." Mia lowers you down and you see her pull down her panties and you realize what she has in mind. You try to protest by she doesn't listen and stuffs you head first up her vagina all the way up to your ankles. You are on your back but she rolls over and your face rolls right into the wet walls of her pussy. "Lots of kisses, all night long or you'll get a punishment even worse than I told you", you hear her say and you start kissing and rubbing her vaginal walls.

Eventually you hear her snoring and you know she is asleep. Do fall asleep your self or try to escape?

Your choices:

  1. Try to back out and escape
  2. Cuddle up and try and get some sleep in here

Retrieved September 13, 2016