Hidden on Sarah's Body

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By: northgate

"You have to wide him in your panties", Mia tells her roommate, "I had him down there all day and it feels awesome. The power of having a little man helplessly trapped against your sweet V-JJ is great."

Sarah smiles down at you and says, "Well I guess we know where you'll be spending this evening." She lowers you into her pink panties against her womanhood and before releasing you she spread her lips apart and shoves you headfirst inside herself forcing your face against her clitoris "Now we can't have him making any noise. This should keep him quiet", she tells Mia and she release the panties elastic band and slips on a pair of tight jeans that locks you in place. "Do a good job down there and I'll save a little dinner for my little lover", she laughs as they leave to go down to dinner.

Although your head is buried in her vagina, you can still hear the giantess voices that are nearby. You hear them gossiping about the pledge, Stacey, who allowed your escape and how Audrey kicked her out of the pledge class. Her only way back in the sorority is to recover you. Some of the girls suspect she may have taken you for herself and they are thinking about paying a visit to her dorm room.

Meantime, Sarah hasn't forgotten about you and occasionally strokes you through the material of her jeans knowing the power she has over you. As soon as the mean finishes, Sarah excuses herself with some excuse about cramps and returns to her room, locking the door behind herself. She quickly pulls off her jeans and panties and extracts you in her fist. "Damn it, tiny, You got me so horny down there. I hope you don't mind doing me one more favor."

She lies in her bed with her legs bends and spread and she thrusts you head first back inside her as deep as she can push you without losing her grip on you. She thrusts back and forth as fast as she can until you think you are going to pass out. You stay conscious and she orgasms twice before pulling you out and dropping you on her bed sheet.

You both lay there exhausted from the experience when Mia returns to the room and sees you both there. "Damn girl", she tells Sarah, "It looks like you got some action". Mia looks at you and says, "And I just cleaned the little guy up and you messed up even more. This time it's your turn to clean him up."

Sarah sits up and turns to the side of the bed. "I gotta say that was damn good. We can't give this guy back now." She looks down at you and stokes your tiny body with her finger. "I like him all wet in my juices. That will remind him who he belongs to", she laughs. She picks up a dirty sock that she wore earlier that day to go for a run and then picks you up and drops you inside. "He needs to get use to all my smells good and bad", she laughs as she ties a knot in the top and tosses it to her roommate across the room. Mia hold it out and says, "Eww, he's still yours to clean and I want time with him tomorrow night. She tosses you trapped in the sock back to Sarah who catches it and sets it down on her bed. "Don't worry, little guy", she says as she talks down to you, "you can sleep with me tonight and I'll clean you up in the morning. My first class isn't until 10 so you can rest up.", she tells you as she gets changed to see what is going on downstairs in the sorority commons area."

You lie trapped on her bed inside her dirty sock as your two new owners go off to join their sorority sisters.

Your choices:

  1. Sarah comes back at bedtime.

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