Mia keeps you inside her until she returns

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By: northgate

Mia returns the sorority house and it almost dinner time. She goes into a bathroom, locks the door and takes you out. She carefully washes you off while telling you what I good boy you are and how good you made her feel. You're glad she is happy with your performance and just hopes she will let you go back to the cage or someplace to rest. She dries you off and takes you back across the hall to her and Sarah's room.

She closes the door and goes to her desk where she drops you down and leans over you with her breasts overhead almost within your reach. "You look like you are ready for more action.", she giggles, "Should I take me shirt off and and let you kiss the girls now?"

"Please I just want some rest", you tell her. "I'm exhausted. Take me back to the birdcage and I promise I won't tell anyone that you took me."

"Didn't you hear", says a voice from across the room and you see it is Sarah who is walking over to join her roommate. "The whole sorority is out looking for this little guy. They think we escaped on his own and they are blaming one of the pledges for it. Mia, if they find out you had him down your pants all day, they are going to be pissed."

"Oh well little Joe", Mia smiles down at you, "Looks like we are in too deep already and you'll be staying with us for a while longer." They both laughed. Sarah picked you up between her fingers and you tumbled on your back into her palm. Her fingertip immediately assaulted you lightly stroking your body. "Don't worry, the three of us will have so much fun together", she said as she continued and they both giggled again. "The only question now is what to do first."

She carries you over to her desk and sets you down. You watch as she takes a container of dental floss and breaks off a piece. She pinches your legs together and binds your ankles and then repeats the same to your ankles. You struggle at the ties but you can't come loose. "What do you think, Mia", she asks her roommate, "Should we take him to dinner or hide him here?"

Mia thinks for a moment and says, You should..."

Your choices:

  1. leave him here.
  2. hid him on your sexy body for the night.

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