Morning with Mia

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By: northgate

You are trapped between their breasts and have nowhere to go and you're exhausted as well so you collapse from exhaustion. Hours past and it's early morning when Mia wakes up first and sees your tiny body cradled against her large round breast. She plucks you off by her fingertips and your are suddenly awakened as you are brought up to her mouth. She whispers, "You naughty boy, you fell asleep before you were able to service me. Now I'm going to take you for a shower with me and then you can show me what you can do for me. She slips on a big fluffy robe and sticks you in the pocket as she goes across the hall to their bathroom.

Mia enters the bathroom and locks the door. You hear her adjust the water and then you takes you out of the pocket and hangs up her robe. She takes you in the shower and takes the soap from the dish built into the tile wall and places you on the dish. There is a bar on the front of the dish that you grab hold off afraid of what a fall to the tub below might do to you. She washes her hair and body and you get a great view from your perch. You get a view from every angle as she washes giving you a nice hard on.

She notices your reaction and takes you from the shelf. "My hot body gets you all turned on. Good. I want you to remember that for later on, but now it's your turn to get clean."{, she tells you and then she covers you in soap lather. "Now you can help me get clean in some tight spots." she giggles while taking you down and rubbing you all over her pussy and pushing you inside her to clean herself. She rinses you and her soapy pussy off and shuts the water off. She steps out of the shower and places you in the sink where you stand shivering while she towels off. Once she is finished drying off, she puts her robe on and drops you back in her pocket. You are able to roll abound in the terry cloth pocket to dry yourself off before she takes you back out in her room and sets you down on the bed next to the still sleeping Sarah. You are careful not to wake up her roommate because you'd have to deal with both of them again. You see Mia has put on underwear and drying her hair and you hope this means this adventure will be over soon and you'll get some rest from these girls.

Still in her underwear, Mia scoops you up and whispers, "You still owe me from last night, little guy and I'm glad I turned you on in the shower because I need you nice and horny for what I have in mind next." You watch as she pulled her underpants down and begins to finger herself. She lets out a deep sigh and says, "This is going to feel even better when it's you down there covering me in kisses". Before you can protest she lowers you down to her moist crotch and shoves you in feet first up to your waist. Then she bends you at the waist and shoves inside her folds of skin. Your face is pushed up against an object about the size of a football and you hear her tell you, "That's the spot. Now grab on and kiss it like you were kissing me." You comply scared out of your life and she purrs, "That's it. Keep going. If I tap you once you stop and twice to start again. Do a good job and maybe I'll give you a break at lunch."

"Lunch!", you think as she gives you two hard taps on the back, "Will I survive in here until lunch?"

Mia leaves to go about her day with you trapped inside her. You only hope she will let you out in four hours or so and you will last that long.

Your choices:

  1. Mia visits the bathroom at lunch time and lets you out.
  2. Mia leaves you in until she returns to the sorority house that night

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