Two Drunk Girls

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By: northgate

You are awakened by some noise and you look up to see two girls enter the commons area and make a beeline straight for your cage. They are a blond and a girl with jet black hair . They had similar features and they both looked like they had been drinking. "See I told you Audrey had a little man here", the blond says, "She wasn't just jerking us around the other night. The little guy is real."

You stand up and go up to the bars. "Please help me", you appeal top them.

The blond face comes right up to you and you immediately smell the alcohol on her breath. "You are the cutest little toy.", she slurs her hot breath washing over you. You back up to the opposite side of the cage but her friend has taken up position there and her fingers snakes in between the bars and pinches your tiny ass causing you to jump and for her to laugh. Then they both start sticking multiple fingers through the bars poking and prodding at you. "Come here", says the blond shaking the cage and causing you to fall forward. Her fingers grab at you and you are helpless. When she releases you the cage tilts the other way and her friends get her turn with you. "I wish we could take you up to our room for playtime", the blond laments, "The three of us could have such a good time together.".

The brunette fingers the lock on the door and you watch as she discovers it isn't locked. Stacey must not have fully latched it. You watch in horror as the brunette slowly removes the lock from the shackle and opens the door. "Look like you fished your wish, sister.", she tells the blond holding it up for her to see. The brunette reaches in and grabs you up in her fist and extracts you from the cage. "Looks like the party is going to be continuing in our room tonight.", she muses look at you before they both leave for their room.

They enter the room and see it is a small two person room similar to a dorm room. Interestingly, you see the two single beds in the center of the room as pushed together. The brunette drops you on the bed and they both stand towering over you looking down at you. The brunette has her arm around her roommate's waist. "Welcome to our room, tiny. It may be small like you, well not as small as you by small by our standards so we have adapted by getting to be very close and sharing everything.", she tells you. "I am so rude we should do introductions. I'm Mia and my roommate here is Sarah. What's your name, tiny?"

"Joe", you tell them, "please let's all get a good night's sleep and in the morning we can discuss this. Doesn't that sound good?"

They both burst out laughing and the Sarah, the blond replies, "The night's still young and we want to party with you. Now check this out." and she removes her top exposing a set of enormous breasts suspended over you. Her roommate follows suit and soon there are four big boobs overhead. "You like?", the blond asks as she reaches down and playfully plays with your exposed and now erect penis, "Yes, It certainly looks like you're liking this. She picks you up and gives you a kiss reminding you how drunk these two are. She lays down in the bed with you and sets you astride her nipple. "Kiss kiss", she tells you but it is impossible the way you are sitting without falling off. Mia the brunette lays next to her and uses her hand to re-position and support you allowing you to like her Sarah's nipple. It grows quickly from your tiny tongue and Sarah is turned on.

You don't realize it but as you are working on Sarah she has used her free hand to pull off her pants leaving nothing but her panties. Mia drags you down to Sarah's panties positioning you laying on top on them were you can smell her clearly through the material. This girl is wet and horny. You struggle to get free by Mia's fingers keep you up against Sarah's panties. "My, my, I dry hump is just not acceptable", she says as she shift you up for a moment and pulls Sarah's off exposing her friend's pussy which is clean shaven except a neatly trimmed landing strip of blond hair. Mia positions you and shoves you hear first in Sarah's pussy telling you "My girl like good head so get to work, tiny." She pokes you hard and you responding licking like your life depends on it. This goes on for some time and Mia takes and break to strip down herself before joining you back in the bed. "Not bad but looks like I'll need to help you", she tells you as her head comes down right next to you are the next thing you know you are assaulted by her tongue. She licks at her roommate while at the same time using her mouth to push your tiny body inside Sarah while she continues to lick. When she spots her tongue to replaced with her fingers and pump you back and forth inside Sarah until the girl finally orgasms and her body pushes you out back onto the bed but you only rest for a moment as Mia's fingers grab you up.

Mia brings you to her face and tells you, "Nice job, tiny Joe. Now rest up because in the morning you are going to have a chance to charm me with the little bod of yours except I'm not so easily satisfied. She drops you on the bed next to Sarah;s breasts as she is lying on her side. Mia lays down next to her and cuddles up to her roommate trapping you between their two sets of tits. Sarah is already asleep and Mia's squeeze you between these massive breasts.

You are really trapped tight between the drunk girls' breasts and you decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. wait till morning
  2. try to escape now

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