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By: northgate

Cassandra buys your act and tells Stacey to take you back to your cage for the night. "No problem", Stacey says as she leaves with you secured in her hand. She goes down the hall and ducks into a single bathroom and lock the door behind her. She sits down on the top of the toilet seat and looks down at you. "You owe me for saving your sorry ass from her", she tells you, "She would have used you as a dildo all night if I didn't come up with that idea. So now how are you you going to make it up to me?' , she asked.

"I don't know. What do you want?", you asked her back not sure of a response.

"That's easy", she replied, "I want you all for myself and not have to share you with these girls. I want you to be my little toy boy." She laughed at her own joke. "And it's going to happen. It's only a matter of time but for right now we 'll only have time for a preview." She pulls up her shirt revealing her bare breast and brings you up to her nipple. "Time for you to use that tiny mouth to give me a big kiss", she tells you shoving your face against her nipple, "and don't hold back or I may accidentally break your ribs."

You open your mouth and take in as much of her nipple as you can using your tongue to lick it. She is apparently aroused and as she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. You alternate licking and kissing endlessly until she finally release you, lowering both you and her shirt down. "Very nice", she says, "We'll have to find some time for you to work on your kissing and licking some more", she tells you as she leaves the bathroom and returns to the common room which is now empty top lock you back up in your birdcage. "Remember, you better act sick for a while if you want to stay out of trouble.", she tells you are she leaves you alone.

You lay in the cage alone and scared of what may happen to you next. You fall asleep and get some rest before being awakened by ....

Your choices:

  1. two drunk girls at 2 AM
  2. Audrey in the morning.

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