Cassandra Keeps you Inside Her

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By: northgate

Cassandra sits up with you still trapped inside her and thinks of an idea. She changes her underwear which are now wet and puts a feminine pad in her undies. "Can't have any wet spots on my jeans", she says out loud as she slides a pair of tight jeans, stands up and continues dressing. This new development has you worried. "Oooo, you feel so good in there. I want to see how far I can take this. I'm going to try this out by hanging out downstairs. Meanwhile, don't stop working or you'll have hell to pay."

She leaves the room and you keep going knowing this girl could easily kick your ass and wouldn't think twice about it. You hear her go to a room that a TV is on and she starts chatting it up with the other girls in the room. You decide to stop for a minute but you feel a stiff pock in your back from her and you know that is probably your only warning so you continue working on her. You hear one girl talk about having a big fat joint and next thing you know they are all smoking weed and you worry how Cassandra will be when she's high.

After a few minutes. you hear more giggling and Cassandra is a stroking your body through her jeans but no one seems to notice. You hear a new voice and you recognize that it's Audrey as you hear her ask Cassandra, "What are you doing down here? I figure you'd want to maximize your time with your little toy tonight?"

You feel Cassandra's finger run up and down your body again as she says, "Oh I am maximizing my time. I'm keeping him very busy at work." as she giggles a silly little laugh.

Audrey says, "You might suffocate him down there. Are you crazy? You can't keep him stuffed inside you."

"Well he's doing pretty good so far. He's pretty resilient for his size", Cassandra replied, "and you'd think differently if you felt him in you. Guaranteed multiple orgasms!"

"You're high too!", Audrey tells her, "Listen your night with the tiny guy is over. You're going to end up killing him before the first night is over. Come on to my room and give him over to me."

"Party Pooper!", Cassandra pouts, "OK, but only because you are my best friend."

The other girls are still giggling about something on TV and ignoring barely notice when Cassandra and Audrey leave to go upstairs to Audrey's room. You hear then close a door and Cassandra slips out of jeans and gives you one more rub through the material of her panties. She lies down on the bed and slowly removes her panties and the pad and you can actually feel some fresh air exchange from the outside, Cassandra smiles at Audrey, "You want him, you get him out."

"Cassie, you are such a bitch. I don't want to put my finger in your crotch", Audrey tells her hoping to avoid having to touch her.

"Don't worry, Aud", Cassandra says, "You aren't the first girl down there. In fact I've had more than fingers down there too. If you want you can suck him out and not get your fingers messy"

Audrey is totally grossed out by her friends behavior and figures she needs to get this over with so she takes a deep breath and uses the finger s of her one hand to spread friends moist lips apart. "Can you back out, Joe?"

You struggle but it is too slippery and the angle of her body makes extracting yourself impossible. Audrey sees you trying to get out and uses her index finger to help you get out. You get loose and fall down to the bedspread between Cassandra's massive thighs. You look up and see her legs towering over you as she is positioned on the bed with her feet flat on the bed and her knees high above you.

"Forget about suffocating him. You could have drown him. Just how many orgasms did you have?", Audrey asks her friend, "and put you pants back on and go sleep it off."

"I have a better idea. How about a three way right now? I can show you just how good he can make you feel." Cassandra purrs as she re-positioned herself on all fours over you as she asks the question. You are lying on your back trying to regain any strength when you see her over you and you cringe. She stretches lowering her front down so that her nipple make contact with through the material of her cotton t-shirt.

Audrey looks at her and says ...

Your choices:

  1. Sounds Interesting!
  2. Get out of her you kinky bitch before I throw you out.

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