Cassandra Lets You Out

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By: northgate

She extracts you from her underpants and cleans you off with water from a water bottle sitting on her desk and a towel that was lying on the floor. It is rough but at least you are somewhat clean. She takes you over to a drawer in her nightstand with various objects in and puts inside next to a dildo that's twice your size and covers you with her dirty panties. "It's bed bye time for my tiny toy", she giggles as she slides the drawer shut. "I'm going to talk to Audrey about you later and arrange it so we can have lots of playtime together."

You roll over and try to sleep as you are miserable being stuck with this girl who only thinks of you as a sex toy for her pleasure. You would do anything to escape her but you're in the dark and there is no way out of this drawer. You drift off to sleep and you dream that years have past as you are still with Cassandra who uses you to pleasure herself at least once a day. In the dream she tells you that she is getting married is finally set you free but you are horrified when you find out that she is giving you to the flower girl on her wedding to be her toy. You wake up in a cold sweat and just want to cry when you hear noises of someone entering the room.

You heard Cassandra's voice as she says, "Thanks for coming up here Audrey. I didn't want anyone else to hear this. I know we thought it was cool to leave the little guy in the common room but the girls have been pretty rough on him and I think it's only going to get worse. The pledge Stacey is one of them and I already plan to discipline her. Also what if some visitor or a surprise university inspection wanders in there and finds him. We'll all be in big trouble. I think we should make him a 'special' member of the pledge class and I can supervise him and make sure he stays out of the wrong hands. He can stay hidden in my room and if any of the sisters need time with him we can do this is a more controlled manner.

You want to scream out but you know that will only make things worse. You hear Audrey say, "Yeah, I guess that makes sense and I don't have the time to take care of the little guy. OK, let's go with your plan for now and see how it goes. However, if he is going to be a pledge then you better have him doing something productive other than amusing you. Where is her now?"

A moment later the drawer opens and you see Cassandra and Audrey peering down at you as your eyes get accustomed to the bright light of the room. Audrey says, "Good news little guy, you have been upgrades to 'special' pledge status and by special we mean that you can never be promoted to be a full sorority sister, so you will be a pledge indefinitely. Cassandra is in charge of the pledge class so she will supervise you and be responsible for you. Be you understand?"

You look up at them and say, "I don't want to be a pledge. I just want to leave this house. Please let me go."

Audrey is annoyed that you are rejecting her promotion. She answers you saying, "It is a great honor to pledge the KAT house and I will assume your ignorance of our status here on campus is why you made that remark. We are also very involved in charity and helping others less fortunate in town. You are so tiny that if we let you leave, a cat or a bird would grab you up and eat you alive. It is our act of charity to help you and allow you to stay here and be protected from the big bad world. You will be staying with us for as long as the house president and that's me want you here. I'll check up on you in a month but for now he's all yours Cassandra." She slammed the drawer shut to indicate she was done talking to you and you hear her say, "Come on Cassandra, let's get that cage down so you don't have to keep him in the drawer with your toys and we need to figure you what we are telling the rest of the house."

You hear the door close and you collapse on top of the panties and worry what the future holds for you.

About an hour goes by and Cassandra returns with the bird cage that they were keeping you in and she puts you inside it and sets it on her dresser. "Audrey wants you kept in something secure with a lock so we don't have any escapes or kidnappings. Now lets go to sleep and get some rest. Tomorrow you'll have to meet the rest of your pledge class.", she tells you as she shuts the light out.

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