Tell Cassandra She is Right

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By: northgate

You realize this act isn't going to work and it's time to try a different tack. You stop faking and stand up to face Cassandra. "You're right. I couldn't stand being with that freshman after being with you. Thank you for getting rid of her", you tell her hoping to smooth things over.

"Well it all worked out in the end and we're back here together. Tomorrow, I'll tell Audrey she needs to find another girl to look after you. Maybe I can get the spare key to your little cage so you can be my full time toy.", Cassandra tells you as you watch her slither out of her shorts and undies. "Hmm, talking about playing is making me all horny again and I have something new I want to try with you this time."

"Please don't shove me in there again. I could barely breathe", you tell her.

"Don't worry. This time should be better for both of us.", she tells you as she sits down on the bed and brings you down to her pussy. This time she holds you around the middle and plays with herself using your feet. She inserts you feet first pumping you slowly in and out a little deeper each time soaking in the feeling until you are up to your waist in her. "Now you will use your tiny feet to rub me in there", she tells you looking down at you stuck helplessly inside her. You follow her orders figuring this is better than head first and she purrs, "Oh, very nice." She lets you work this for a while and you can feel how wet she is inside and some of it rolls down to your chest.

"Now the best part", she says as she manipulates you bending you at the waist so that your upper body is pressed up against her. She presses you in and fold you in securing you inside the lips of her pussy. You struggle but you are held securely and your face is mashed up against her clit. "Ummm, yummy", you hear her say above you, "Not lots of licks and kisses down there, tiny and don't forget the feet action." She lays back in bed and soaks up the treatment. You're not sure if this is better or worse than it would have been with Stacey.

She orgasms several times from your treatment and when she is finally done, she slips her underpants on trapping you inside and and soaks up the feeling on you trapped in her. She lies there for a while before deciding to ....

Your choices:

  1. Let you out
  2. Get dressed and leave you trapped inside

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