Cassandra Thinks You're Faking

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By: northgate

"Guess he's too sick for you tonight. I'll take care of him.", Cassandra tells Stacey.

"No, It's no problem. I'll take him back to the cage.", Stacey says seeing that are plan is backfiring, "really it's no problem."

"No, he's my responsibility tonight so you get out of here and I'll handle it", Cassandra repeats as she shoos Stacey out the door and then returns to you. "So, tiny. I faked being sick plenty of times when I was suppose to school and it takes a faker to spot one and you suck at this."

You continue to roll out groaning on her desk hoping to convince her and avoid a repeat performance from earlier.

"OK, tell you what", she continues, "If you stop this act and fess up, I'll take it to mean that you didn't want to be with Stacey and you did this to get me to come back and I'll be flattered. The alternative is that you can keep this up and I'll prove you are a faker and there will be hell to pay. So what do you think?"

You continue to roll around for a moment while you think it over...

Your choices:

  1. Tell her she is right and you wanted to get away from Stacey
  2. Continue to fake it and take your chances

Retrieved September 13, 2016