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By: northgate

You approach Stacey and she slips her foot out of her shoe and presents you with her socked foot. "Please, please help me, Stacey. Please sneak me out of here tonight", you tell her while on your hands and knees.

"Hold on", Stacey tells you smiling down at you, "You're going to fast". She sit son the bed and removes her sock as well as her other shoe and sock and wriggles her bare toes at you. "That's better. Now you can kiss and massage every one of those piggies".

You know is is your only chance to escape and you don't waste tie kissing each toe while massaging them. They smelly awful but you ignore that knowing you don't want to end up back in the birdcage as a toy for a house full of sorority girls. When you finish you back off and continue to beg to her.

"Now tell me how awesome I am compared to my sister and these other girls and I want to hear lots of details.", she orders you.

You feel you are getting close and you babble on about how beautiful she is and smarter than these other girls for tricking them. You go on and on telling her anything you can think of off the top of your head knowing your future depends on it.

Finally she responds by bending down and giving you a poke knocking you down and grasping your legs between her finger tips and raising you up to her face while you are dangling upside down. "You're right", she tells you, "I am awesome. I'm only a pledge and I got time with you the first night before any of the girls. Eventually, I'll be president of the sorority. Don't you think so, little Joe?"

You don't respond right away and she gives you a little jiggle and you quickly say, "Yes, yes, you'll be president. Now shouldn't we get out of here before Cassandra comes back?"

"Now I have everything set up perfectly. Why would I want to ruin it for your sorry little ass?", she asks you, "Anyway I already told you my sister doesn't want anything to do with you so I guess you'll be staying here with me and the girls for a long long time. It's only a question of how bad its going to be for you. It could be really tough if every girl here want to use you like Cassandra or even worse than that. What I tell the other girls could make a big difference for you." She lowers you to the desk top and looks down at you smiling.

"Please, please, help me", you tell her getting back on your hands and knees. You know that she has you right where she wants you and there is nothing you can do about it.

"OK,. tell you what", she replies, "I'll get Cassandra and you act sick. I'll convince her to leave you alone for the night." She goes to the door and call to one of the other girls to go downstairs and find Cassandra. After a few minutes, Cassandra returns and asks, "What's up?"

"I think he's sick from whatever you did to him.", Stacey says, "I think he must have eaten something that made him sick. Any idea what it could have been".

You roll around on your side holding your stomach and groaning. Cassandra looks you over and says.....

Your choices:

  1. "I think he is a faker. Leave us and I'll take care of him."
  2. "He doesn't look too good. You better take him back to his cage."

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