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By: northgate

Cassandra continues to study ignoring you until she goes out to get a bottle of water. she takes a sip and then sprinkles a little over you that soaks you but you catch some and drink it up to quench your thirst. She puts the bottle down on her desk and turns her attention to you lifting you out of the cup and holding you in the palm of her hand. "See I'm not so bad. I might even have something for your to eat if you ask me nicely.

She hold you there waiting for your response and after a moment you get the idea and say, "Please Miss Casandra, can I have something to eat?"

She smiles, "Not great that that will do. You do need to get better in the future". She opens her desk drawer and extracts a package of peanut butter crackers. She leans back and slowly opens it in plain view and takes one out and slowly and seductively eats it while watching you. She puts the package down and continues to watch waiting to see what you will do. You know better than to just take one. It will only be OK if she give you permission.

She leans back again and removes her t-shirt revealing her bare breasts underneath and discards the shirt to the side and on to the floor. "WOW" is all you can think when you get a look at this girl's chest. She rubs her finger over her nipple and asks, "Do you like my breasts?"

"Yes", is all you can muster at the sight of these gigantic perfect breasts.

She smiles at your response and takes another cracker and slowly eats this one too. You start to wonder if this is all a big tease to torture you as she continues to stare at you almost daring you to take a cracker. You resist as you watch eat the third cracker and you are now convinced that she is torturing you. Then she says, "You aere such a good boy for not grabbing a cracker without permission that I have a present for you. She then leans in so her breast is leave with you and her nipple is in your face.

Do you ...

She takes the last cracker and twists it apart and smears the peanut butter from the one half over her nipple before popping it in her mouth. She

Your choices:

  1. chow down on peanut butter nipple suprise
  2. back away. You'll not eating off her breast. no matter how good it looked.

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