Cassandra !!!

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By: northgate

Audrey reads the name and announces Cassandra is the winner. She opens the cage and takes you out handing you over to Cassandra. You struggle but Cassandra encases your torso in her tight grip pinning your arms to your side. Audrey says, "OK Cass, he's all yours. You just need to return him to his cage by noon tomorrow. You can bring him back earlier if you get bored". The other girls laugh at her comment because they all know Cassandra. "Just lock the cage when you bring him back."

Cassandra raises you up to her face and you smell her breath wash over you as she says, "Wow, aren't I lucky. I'd fill you in on our evening plans but I think you already know what I have in mind." and then turns to the remaining girls and says, "You'll have to excuse me girls but from what I feel in my fist little lover boy here can't wait to get back to my room to show me how happy he is to be with me. See you later." With that comment, she leaves for her room with you still in hand.

When she gets to her room, she closes the door and carelessly drops you on the bed. She starts to strip down and you get a great show with her naked body. She isn't skinny but she has curves in all the right spots and a cute ass. Your show is cut short when she retrieves a cotton terry cloth robe and puts it on. She sits down on the bed and swings her leg over you leaving you between her legs looking right at her pussy.

"I hope your not claustrophobic or this is really going to suck for you. Now you better perform in there too. I expect kisses, licking, and lots of touching and I expect an orgasm or I'll find some other even less pleasant way to amuse myself with you." You start to back away but her hand comes up behind you and pushes you face first into her pussy. She rubs your body up and down over the outside of her womanhood until she is wet with anticipation. She gives you a break in the action and instructs you, "Now put your arms over your head."

You look up at her hoping to reason with her, "Listen, you don't want to ....." but she cuts you off by squeezing you sharply causing pain.

"Shut up and do it or I'll do it for you and I won't be gentle", she orders you and you quickly comply. "Good boy", she says at you assuming the position and a second later she plunges you toward her hot wet pussy head first with her holding you by the ankle. "Now you better get started and get moving in there or I may have to break this ankle.", she tells you.

You are plunged into a hot wet sticky darkness. Your hands reach out and although you can't move them back to your side and you feel the walls of this torture chamber and you feel along them. "That's nice but I want kisses too." she purrs but her voice sounds like it was coming from all around you. She shoves you in a bit deeper and the canal narrows and your face rubs against her sides and you start to kiss and lick whatever you can reach. The air is stale but there seems to be enough to sustain you and you aren't drowning. As bad an experience it is to be this girl's dildo at least you'll survive.

When she is finally done with you and extracts you from inside her. You are reduced to a wet noodle exhausted from her fun. She dangles you by the ankles and looks you over. "We have ten more hours before I have to return you. That was really fun . I wonder how many more times we can do that in ten hours. I know you're free so we'll find out soon enough." She drops you in a tall plastic cup on her nightstand and retrieves a text book. "I hope you don't mind but I have some reading to do for class.", she tells you, "But don't worry. I get bored easily reading history textbooks and you can help break up the monotony with some more dives inside."

You settle in the cup and lean against the side because the cup is too narrow for you to sit down and wish you could wash the smell of her off yourself and rinse your mouth out with antiseptic but you really know that neither is going to happen. You stay in the cup for at least an hour when ....

Your choices:

  1. Cassandra decides it's time for more
  2. There is a knock at the door

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