Sorority Pet Continued

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By: northgate

You are awaken in the morning by someone shaking the cage. It is a girl bringing you some food and water. You wipe your eyes and realize this isn't just some sorority girl. It is your girlfriend's younger sister, Stacey. "Hey, Stacey", you yell, "It's me, Joe. Remember me? What are you doing here?"

She closes and secures the cage door and says, "Of course I remember you stupid. You were the guy who broke up with my sister because she wasn't tall enough for you. How ironic, huh?", she tells you, "I'm pledging here and if everything goes right, I'll be a full sister in two weeks."

"Well that's great", you reply, "but I need you to help me get out of here. These girls will end up killing me. They wouldn't leave me alone yesterday."

She smiles in at you and you are a bit worried by her reaction. "Why would I help you after what you did to my sister. I'm working to get Audrey make me your caretaker so we can spend some quality time together. I can really show you what it is like to feel small. Maybe someday, I'll bring Debbie by to laugh at you."

She gives the cage a push and you swing side to side and need to hold the bards from getting thrown around. She laughs at you as she leaves. You quickly settle down to eat your breakfast but before you are done two girls come in and stick their fingers through the cage to play with you but it is more like torture. They eventually leave but are replaced by a consistent stream of visitors.

One girl comes in and you realize she is Amy's roommate Sophie who you think may be nice but you are wrong. She seductively sucks on her finger and then thrusts it in through the cage bars and demands you kiss it. It is wet from her saliva and you back off not wanting to have any of this. Unknown to you her other hand comes up behind the cage and the index finger comes through the bars and pokes you. You jump forward toward her and just then she spits at you hitting you in the face. "That will teach you for disobeying your superior", she tells you as she storms out, "Next time will be worse".

You are disgusted by these girls and want to get out when Audrey comes in to visit with you. She is with another girl you find out is her friend Cassandra. "Hello", she says, "How is our little guest doing?"

"Terrible", you tell her, "These girls all think I'm a toy to play with and one of them actually spit on me. When will you let me out of here already?"

"Well that's exactly why I'm here. I'm going to let you out today as least for a while. Would you like that?", she tells you.

"Yes, I would", you reply, "I'll do whatever you want if you just let me out of here."

Audrey and Cassandra smile at your comment and Audrey tells you, "We were just talking about that over lunch. You see Cassandra here thinks you'd make a perfect sex toy kissing and licking her from the inside. She wants to try you out right now. What do you think? Are you ready for her?"

"Noooooooo, please don't let her do that. She'd kill me in there. I'd suffocate.", you appeal to her.

"Well don't worry, little guy at least not yet. I decided to be fair to all the girls that want to play with you that I would pick a name out of a hat and that lucky girl will have you for the night. This way I make them all happy and you get some time out of the cage. See everyone is happy.", Audrey explains to you.

"Yeah, right everyone is happy", you repeat sarcastically.

"You better just hope you don't get Cassandra because then I know what you'll be doing", she says and they both laugh again as they turn to leave. "She you after dinner", Cassandra says as they leave, "and you better have those little lips ready for some big kisses when I win tonight."

You don't have too long before other girls show up and they are all interested in you now that the word have gotten around about the raffle tonight. You have no idea what these girls could be capable of is they get their hands on you. Well, you know what Cassandra is capable of and you hope that Amy will be there and win the drawing.

Later in the day, Stacey comes back with more food and water for you. You find out that Audrey has entrusted her with the spare key to the cage but it is only to feed you twice a day although Stacey tells you that the two of you will have more time soon enough. You also learn that the pledges are not eligible for the drawing which makes you feel a little easier that you will be out of her clutches for a little while. As long as she is a pledge she won't do anything that would screw up her chances to be a full member.

She leaves and it isn't too long until girls start coming in the room and waiting around. They are all chatting and several keep play with you while they wait for Audrey to show up to make the drawing. Stacey is there and she hands Audrey a paper bag with all the names on slips of paper. Everyone gets quiet and she announces that the winner will have you from now until noon tomorrow unless she wants to turn you in early and will be responsible for your welfare. In other words if they kill or seriously hurt you they are in big trouble. That's a little bit of comfort to you although you wonder if some of these girls like Cassandra or Stacey even care.

Audrey finally takes the bag and reaches in slowly withdrawing one slip of paper and she reads the name. It is

Your choices:

  1. Cassandra !!!
  2. Jenni a sweet looking blond

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