Audrey Shows Up to Find You

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By: northgate

You wake up alone in the morning and realize that Amy must have gone to get a shower and Sophie isn't there either. You reflect on your good luck in landing in this room with this gentle girl. You relax when you hear the door open and you figure it must be one or two new titan roommates. However, you look up and see it is none other than Audrey. Your defense mechanism kicks in and you try to run for cover but she spots you before you get too far and is on you in a minute. She grabs you up in her tight fist and gives you a good squeeze so you can barely breath.

"So we finally meet again. I wanted you all for myself but you forced me to tell all the others about you to find you and now they all think I'm crazy seeing little men. So it looks like you'll need to help me restore my reputation." She carries you back down the hall to her room and goes in closing the door behind her. "I really can't blame Amy for keeping you after all I wanted you all to myself too but you had to go a spoil that. Don't worry though, you'll be sorry you ever left me."

She takes out a small decorative birdcage and shoves you inside. The bars are wide but not wide enough for you to fit through. The cage is round and between 4 to 5 inches in diameter and 8 inches high. She takes a small brass heart shaped lock and goes around two bars so the door is secured shut. At first you think the lock is to keep you in but you don't really know what she has in mind.

"Let me tell you a little about our house. There are three floors and a basement. Most of the girl's rooms are on the second and third floor but there are also a few on the first floor although they are the least desirable. We have a large lounge of the first floor that is were the TV is and where guests are escorted when they are waiting for someone. But we also have a smaller private lounge on the second floor that is for the sorority sisters only. Let's just say that is for things only the sisters need to know. Today you are going to have a special privilege of visiting the lounge and not be one of our sisters."

You are worried by her little speech as she carries you down the hall in the cage to this lounge. She goes in through an open door and it is a room about 10 by 15 feet with various sofas and lounge chairs and a small stereo in the corner. There is a hanging plant in the corner and she takes it down and replaced it with the chain attached to the top of your cage. You see you are eye level with Audrey who smiles in at you. There are two other girls in the room and they come over to see what Audrey is doing.

"See girls, I found the little man. He is real.", she tells them. They immediately start looking you over and sticking their fingers through the cage and trying to touch and poke you. Meanwhile Audrey leaves to get more girls to come see you. They all keep coming making baby noises, bird noises, baby talk and everything else imaginable while sticking their fingers through to get at you. Some of them have long fingernails and even try to scratch you.

Eventually you see Amy and she looks sad seeing what has happened to you. She waits until the crowd thins for a while and comes up the the cage and says, "I'm sorry I didn't protect you better. I'll try to help you." but Audrey is in the doorway and sees her.

"I know you were keeping him Amy and I'll let it slide but if you try anything else you'll be thrown out of the chapter.", Audrey tells her.

The entire day continues with constant visits from girls at the cage. Audrey brings you food and water after dinner and tells you, "You better get used to this for a while but I have other things planned for you" She laughs and leaves you into the visits finally stop and you pass out from exhaustion.

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